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Biometric Digest and DRI International Announce Dallas Seminar on Biometric Identification Technology

Biometric Digest and DRI International Announce Dallas Seminar on Biometric Identification Technology

(PRWEB) October 8, 2003

The Biometric Digest and DRI International, the world's leading authority on disaster recovery and business continuity issues, announced plans to jointly sponsor a series of seminars on biometric identification technology and its critical role in organizational security and business continuity planning.

The next seminar is scheduled for November 18, 2003 in Dallas, Texas. Additional seminars are also planned for 2004. The one-day seminars are presented in conjunction with a series of business continuity certification courses offered by DRI International.

Security today is built around trust and identity verification. The roots of todayÂ’s security framework are grounded in the ability to provide authorized individuals with the appropriate access rights based on those individuals authenticating or verifying their trusted identity. Biometrics are a way to establish a unique and trusted identity for each individual that cannot be lost, stolen or misused, which can be an issue with traditional methods of authentication such as passwords, keys and cards.

Biometrics is the measurement of an individualÂ’s unique physical or behavioral characteristic(s) to recognize his identity and/or verify his claimed identity. A number of traits and behaviors can underlie biometrics including fingerprints, face, iris, retina, voice and others.

Biometrics is playing an important role in homeland security and is being used by airports, state and federal government agencies, hospitals, banks and credit unions, daycare centers, schools, and for building access, computer access, and many other applications. The industry is projected to grow from $600 million in 2002 to $4 billion by 2007, driven in part by a projected growth in spending by the new Department of Homeland Security.

Nearly every major credit card supplier is developing biometrics as a means to reduce fraud and help prevent stolen identity. The payments industry faces increased security challenges as payment card counterfeiters and other criminals employ more sophisticated techniques and technologies to defraud financial institutions and consumers.

Some automotive manufacturers already offer biometrics for added security and convenience on vehicles.

In the medical field, many hospitals and healthcare organizations are deploying biometric security architecture to meet new government regulations for network security and ensure the trust of patients.

In the financial industry, where internal fraud is a bigger problem than external fraud, many banks and credit unions are moving to biometrics for both employee identification and convenient customer service.

For more information on the biometrics seminars, contact William Rogers at (314) 892-8632. To register, contact Thomas C. Mawson, Executive Director, at (703) 538-1792. For more information on the sponsoring organizations, visit www. drii. org or www. biodigest. com.

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DRI International, located in Falls Church, VA, is the world's leading authority on disaster recovery and business continuity issues. It was founded in 1988 to provide a base of common knowledge in contingency planning, a rapidly growing industry. DRII also administers the industry's premier global certification program for qualified business continuity and disaster recovery planners.

The Biometric Digest, located in St. Louis, MO, is the leading publication of biometric technology information in the country. The company publishes both a monthly newsletter with weekly updates on biometric news. It also publishes a Biometric Information Directory that includes profiles on more than 500 biometric suppliers worldwide.


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