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Latest Trend to Lose Weight: Nutritional Body Cleansing

Latest Trend to Lose Weight: Nutritional Body Cleansing

Most of us are exposed to doctors, hospitals and taught to take prescription medication (drugs) to treat the symptoms of the life illnesses and weight loss. Through the use of natural body cleansing dietary supplements our bodies are now able to worn off extra fat and unwanted toxins. Isagenix 30 day cleansing products have released a 30 day plan that allows for natural ways of colonic cleansing to lose weight and detox the body naturally.

Columbus, OH (Vocus) November 20, 2009

Symptoms of a modern diet — such as rosacea, Crohn's, IBS, acne, allergies, dandruff, joint pain, dry skin, gall stones, fibromyalgia, ulcers, constipation, candida, eczema, acid reflux, colitis and psoriasis to name a few — are a reflection of internal conditions that ones way of eating and diet has created. More importantly, these symptoms can be relieved by natural methods through changing, what types of food we purchase, then how we cook and what we eat. Isagenix 30 day plan has been released to assist in naturally cleansing the body.

More and more of us have already heard about nutritional cleansing, or have known a friend who said they were "on a cleanse". This is not a new concept among humankind. It by no means "new age", and it wasn't invented last year or even last century. All ancient civilizations have included or performed cleansing often associated with tribal rituals. In many parts of the world.

Still, in today’s world not nearly as many people know about colonic cleansing (http://www. cleansingandnutrition. com/) is still practiced by many cultures. In fact it's just an essential part of basic human biology that we have left out of our modern health equation. What if in nature, the foods pre-existing on earth, could make a profound improvement in ones health – one you could actually feel and see improvements by making simple change in what you eat?

Still, in today’s world not nearly as many people know about nutritional cleansing (http://www. cleansingandnutrition. com/) and its ability to be the most effective tool for recovering health. Yet there is good news, more and more Nutritionists and Doctors are recommending nutritional cleansing, along with a cleansing diet because they recognize the role nutritional cleansing plays maintaining health, mitigate risks of contracting disease, reducing or eliminating symptoms maladies, aches and pain through nutrition and cleansing.

Sounds farfetched? A recent interview with Dewayne Wong, with CleansingandNutrition. com stated, “I was very sick for a long time. My body was polluted with man toxins and daily prescriptions were not working. I was prescribed drugs from my doctor over the course of 2-3 years. Day in and day out I took pills. I went to a seminar on natural nutritional cleansing (http://www. cleansingandnutrition. com/30-day-cleanse. htm) and reviewed multiple web articles on this type of diet. I said I needed help, and my daily pills weren’t making me feel overly 'well.' That was 2 years ago, and today, I am off medication and purely using nutritional cleansing and digestion as a means to keep healthy.”

Isagenix nutritional cleansing (http://www. cleansingandnutrition. com/30-day-cleanse. htm) is like giving the inside of ones body a bath. People would never consider not bathing, brushing their teeth or washing their hair. Nothing comes close to a internal bath of our organs, tissue, cells, digestive tract, liver, kidneys, lungs, brain, muscles, fat — not drugs, surgery, facial skin cleansing (http://www. cleansingandnutrition. com/isadermix. htm) vitamins, supplements, expensive therapy, compared to the potential for cellular repair through cleansing.

Nutritional cleansing is a proven, food-based system that flushes the body with real food and concentrated nutrition throughout each day. Nutrition is a daily requirement – not weekly or monthly, once a year – DAILY the body needs nutrition to stay healthy a vibrant. Replacing up to 2 meals daily augmented with organic meats, vegetables, fruits and grains. The entire program is designed to help remove built-up waste material, and then feed the cells plant source minerals, with health digestive bacteria (pro-biotics), & enzymes along with natural fiber, amino acids and plant source vitamins for total nutrition. The $3.00 per meal 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program works internally by removing built-up metabolic waste, and radically increasing the amount of 254 nutrients that penetrate the cell walls, flushing out the toxins, then feeding the cells nutrition.

CleansingandNutrition. com, is an affiliation of the product line Isagenix. Individuals of this online company not only promote these body cleansing supplements (http://www. cleansingandnutrition. com/9-day-cleanse. htm) but also are daily users of the dietary supplement (http://www. cleansingandnutrition. com/isa-shakes. htm). For more information or for product information please log on at www. cleansingandnutrition. com.

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