Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nuprana. com Becomes First Water Conservation Store to Offer Free Shipping on Every Product

Nuprana. com Becomes First Water Conservation Store to Offer Free Shipping on Every Product

Nuprana. com, the first online water conservation resource to provide information, products, news, and advocacy recommendations all in one place, is now the first one to offer FREE SHIPPING on every product in its online water conservation store.

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) September 22, 2008

Online sales are growing at a faster pace every day, especially among environmentally conscious shoppers who are realizing that shopping at online stores has a much lower carbon footprint than driving to a 300,000 square foot "energy guzzling, garbage producing" superstore or worse, having to drive to several stores in one day to find what they need. Some shoppers continue to drive to do their shopping because of increasing shipping costs at online stores, due to the infamous "fuel surcharge" that carriers are now including in their rates. This additional surcharge often represents 20-30% of the total shipping rate which takes the final price tag way above what shoppers are comfortable paying.

Now Nuprana. com makes it easy for green homes and businesses to shop for water conservation (http://www. nuprana. com) products without the hassle of driving all over town or spending hours online searching for what you need and then paying high shipping costs. At Nuprana. com every single item offers free shipping without a minimum amount or minimum quantity of items. For example, you can buy the smallest item in the store -- the 'Toilet Leak Detection Tablets' for $1.99 -- and it offers free shipping.

"We are trying to eliminate all of the barriers that keep American households from saving more water and protecting our environment," explains Elizabeth Beachy, co-founder of Nuprana and an expert in Behavior Change Communication related to Public Health issues. "We know our costs will increase because of this decision, but we want our clients to make their decisions based not on how much the shipping costs, but on how much water they want to save," added Mrs. Beachy.

About Nuprana. com:
Nuprana LLC is a family-owned, on-line green business dedicated to water conservation (http://news. nuprana. com) that offers affordable, user-friendly water conservation products for green homes and businesses, in addition to water conservation information, news and advocacy recommendations. It was founded by Elizabeth Beachy and Osvaldo Gomez with the vision of conscious water use, cleaner waterways, safe drinking water, and pristine freshwater sources preserved and revered for their natural beauty. The couple resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They started Nuprana after the birth of their son inspired them to help improve the world awaiting his generation.

Http://www. nuprana. com (http://www. nuprana. com)

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