Monday, August 17, 2009

Change Your Thoughts and You Will Change Your Life

Change Your Thoughts and You Will Change Your Life

Learn from the Masters about destructive behaviors that come from negative thoughts. How do we change these or her destructive habits in our lives.

Bonsall, CA (PRWEB) December 26, 2005

No person can become prosperous while he really expects to remain holding the poverty thoughts, keeping in touch with poverty producing conditions will discourage prosperity.

Before a person can lift himself up in his life he must change his thoughts. They will have to learn to master their thought habits, or keep their minds home but to the great divining inflow of life force, we have to learn the truth of human possibilities.

The book points out the fact that what is called success may be failure. That when man loved money so much that they sacrifice their friendships, their families, their home life, sacrificed position, their health, everything for the dollar, their life is a failure although they may have accumulated money.

It shows how man has become rich at the price of their ideals, their character, at the cost of everything that should define a persons character. It preaches the largest doctrine of the quality. The quality of the whole and purpose which paves a clear path even to the presidential chair for a Lincoln or Bush, for anyone who will pay the price of study and struggle.

Men who feel themselves badly handicapped, crippled by their lack of early education, will find in their lives great encouragement to broaden their horizon, and will get a practical helpful sensible education. Some people seem to give up and quit, get discouraged, wonder what are we doing here and seem to have no hope.

We cannot discount the leaders of our past or ordinary people with extraordinary persistence and perseverance. there is inspiration, encouragement and helpfulness with no limits which can be placed on one's career if he has and wants learn the alphabet and understands that there are no barriers that can stop you from achieving success. Encouragement is its keynote. It aims to arouse your honorable exertion to awaken dormant ambition and those who have grown this scourge in the struggle for success.

Change your thinking and he will change your life forever.