Monday, August 3, 2009

Dental Implants Can Improve Quality of Life, States Dr. Jan Linhart

Dental Implants Can Improve Quality of Life, States Dr. Jan Linhart

Prominent New York City dentist offers opinion on dental implants

New York, NY (Vocus) September 24, 2009

Dr. Jan Linhart, a leading American dentist whose offices are based in Manhattan, recently discussed the benefits of dental implants (http://www. drlinhart. com/implants. html), comparing them in particular to full and partial dentures. He claims that by anchoring replacement teeth into the jawbone, the discomfort and inconvenience of dentures can be avoided by those who need prosthetic teeth.

Dental implants consist of a fixed titanium base, which, Dr. Linhart explains, "bone cells can bond to, effectively making the replacement tooth a part of the patient’s body." He continues, "Dentures can shift in the mouth, as they sit on top of the gums and jaw. Implants remove the discomfort associated with this shifting."

Losing teeth can also affect the structure of the overall face. States Dr. Linhart, "When you lose teeth, you lose bone mass. This can change how a person looks. Muscles sag and lips thin. Dental implants prevent this by replacing the bone mass that would be lost and, sometimes, even reversing the process. Patients with implants can look in the mirror and see their faces as they should be." Dentures, he contends, do not accomplish the same.

But it’s not only about looks, Dr. Linhart further explains. "With implants, a person can speak with confidence and comfort, and they can smile and eat." Removable dentures require that adhesive be applied throughout the day. "It’s really all about the patient. Who wants to have to worry about their teeth slipping out of place?" People who opt for dental implants can also enjoy a wider variety of food, as the teeth rest permanently and securely in the jaw.

Dr. Linhart also says that no one is too old to get implants as long as he or she is healthy and able to undergo routine dental treatments. "There are multiple dental implant procedures," he states. "It can take several months to a year-and-a-half for the process to be complete, depending on a number of factors." Nevertheless, Dr. Linhart claims the benefits are well worth the potential wait, and he encourages anyone who is uncomfortable with his or her dentures, or who is missing at least one tooth, to discuss the option of dental implants with a qualified professional.

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