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Second Accelerator to More Than Double E-BEAM Services’ Medical Sterilization, Polymer Crosslinking Capacity in Ohio Plant

Second Accelerator to More Than Double E-BEAM Services’ Medical Sterilization, Polymer Crosslinking Capacity in Ohio Plant

E-BEAM Services, Inc. will immediately start expanding the company’s Lebanon, OH electron beam processing facility, more than doubling their regional capacity to meet the growing demand for advanced sterilization and enhancement of plastic materials for health care and plastic products manufacturers.

Lebanon, OH (PRWEB) August 16, 2010

E-BEAM Services, Inc. has announced immediate plans to expand the company’s Lebanon, OH electron beam processing (http://www. ebeamservices. com/ebeam_services. htm) facility to 90,000 sq. ft., slated for completion in the second quarter of 2011. This expansion will include the installation of a second electron beam accelerator that is expected to more than double their regional processing capacity to provide medical product sterilization, bioreduction and crosslinking of polymers (http://www. ebeamservices. com/cross-li. htm) for a growing number of manufacturing customers being served by the company in the Midwest and Canada.

At a projected capital cost of $10 million, E-BEAM’s expansion plans are expected to double the workforce employed at the Lebanon site and will qualify the project for $6.5 million in Recovery Zone Facility Bonds through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

"We have a good business case for investing in capacity expansion," claims E-BEAM President Paul Minbiole. "Having two electron beam accelerators in adjacent facilities offers the greatest flexibility and efficiency in processing products for our customers so that they can take maximum advantage of the significant investment we’ve made in people and equipment."

E-beam processing offers an attractive method for the sterilization of medical devices (http://www. ebeamservices. com/steriliz. htm) in high volume and is also used for polymer crosslinking, a cost-effective process for enhancing the strength and other physical properties of specialty plastic products. "Simply put, we ‘zap’ our customer’s products with electrons," notes Minbiole. "The electron beam accelerator uses clean electrons and is a pure, value-added step in the manufacture of these products. As the economy recovers, specialty manufacturers are choosing E-BEAM Services to provide this critical process, whether small companies or Fortune 500 companies."

About E-BEAM Services:
E-BEAM Services, Inc. is the leading supplier of contract electron beam processing services for product sterilization/bioreduction (http://www. ebeamservices. com/ebeam_sterilization. htm) and polymer product enhancement (http://www. ebeamservices. com/crosslinking. htm), with more than 450kW of installed accelerator capacity -- enough to process nearly one billion pounds of material annually. E-BEAM was incorporated in 1985 to acquire the e-beam service division of a subsidiary of Monsanto and is a privately owned corporation with over 50 employees in Lebanon, OH, Cranbury, NJ and Lafayette, IN. For more information about this expansion or general information about E-BEAM Services, call 1-877-413-2326 or visit the company’s website at:

Http://www. ebeamservices. com (http://www. ebeamservices. com)

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