Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Slender Lady of Phoenix, Now Offering Day Spa Services

Slender Lady of Phoenix, Now Offering Day Spa Services

All under one roof: Weight Loss, Nutrition, Fitness & many wonderful SPA treatments including many modalities of Massage, Facials, Waxing, Photo Light Rejuvenation & Body Scrubs and/or Treatments.

(PRWEB) April 24, 2005

Consumers no longer need to go from place to place to truly take care of themselves. Slender Lady & Day Spa of Phoenix is truly a one stop shop.

Primarily Slender Lady of Phoenix main focus is your health & well being. That is why we offer our 3-in-1 Weight Loss, Nutrition & Fitness all under one roof. Everyone knows that for weight loss to truly work and be successful one must also change and improve their eating habitÂ’s that is where Slender Lady of Phoenix comes in. We provide menu planning as well as wonderful tasting bars, shakes and nutritional supplements as well as weekly individual support so there is no need to go to a weight loss support group and still have to pay for a gym membership when you can also work out on our 30-minute sculpting circuit as well as our Nautilus Cardio Equipment and free weight room.

Slender Lady of Phoenix wanted to take our motto “Your Possibilities are Endless” and truly make it just that by adding wonderful Day Spa services to help reward you along the way. We are have kick off these services and are presently offering 20% off all Facial, Waxing, Scrubs, Our Steamy Wonder "Wrap Less" Body Wraps and just added Photo Light Rejuvenation treatments including series purchases for the best value and results. And right now take advantage of our 1 hour Massages offered in a variety of different modalities such as Deep Tissue, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology and Shiatsu Therapy for just $40. Check our website out for all of our treatments at www. SlenderLadyPhx. com and click on Menu of Spa Services.

Also, anyone mentioning they saw this press release will receive 1 month free fitness and nutrition package that includes the entire facility, a body analysis utilizing Slender Vision where you can see the YOU of Tomorrow, Today, at Slender Lady & Day Spa of Phoenix. You will also receive a Free Nutrition Consultation for a value of $340.

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