Monday, September 28, 2009

JennySkinCare. com is now selling Dead Sea beauty Products, imported from the Dead Sea

JennySkinCare. com is now selling Dead Sea beauty Products, imported from the Dead Sea

Beauty Products from the Dead Sea

(PRWEB) June 4, 2003

Jennyskincare. com Skin care provides a sensible, safe approach for enhancing natural beauty through our natural skincare, bodycare, haircare and cosmetic products. With over 17 years in business and eight years on the Internet, we offer a complete collection of quality cosmetic, skincare, bodycare and haircare products.

What makes skin healthy?

Healthy skin may be attributed to a number of different factors including choosing the right skin care regimen. Healthy, glowing skin can be achieved through daily use of Dead sea skincare products. The dead sea skincare family of cleansers and moisturizers are created for all skin types. Dead Sea Skin Cleansers and Moisturizers - Get serious. Get Dead Sea skincare Products.

"Our products lines are specially formulated to address major skin care concerns of men and women of color. " Ethic skin care concerns: Hyperpigmentation, Dryness or Ashiness, Blemishes and Dark Spots, Razor bumps.

A study involving a European occupational therapist suffering from psoriasis who had obtained compensation from her health insurance in order to undergo therapy at the Dead Sea has lead to great interest in health funds in Denmark, Germany and other European Countries. This has resulted in their subsidizing treatment from the Dead Sea for people suffering from both Psoriasis and other skin conditions. If Health Insurance companies can be considering coverage of treatment at the Dead Sea for relief and treatment of skin disorders, then it seems reasonable to advocate usage of products manufactured from the Mud and minerals of the Dead Sea Skin Care Products.

Dead Sea Skincare Healthy skin and physical and mental well being is dependent on the correct sodium and potassium or fluid balance in the body. This is regulated by the Adrenal gland, which in turn affect healthy function of the kidneys. The kidneys are responsible for controlling 28 chemicals in the body. An imbalance of these chemicals or electrolytes can result in certain skin or other symptoms and over an extended period of time results in various illnesses.