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Software Provider Announces New Version of Software Auditing Tool to Assist With Software License Compliance Audits

Software Provider Announces New Version of Software Auditing Tool to Assist With Software License Compliance Audits

New release announced of auditing tool for the corporate Windows environment simplifies internal and external software compliance audits, discovering and identifying installed software, determining software usage and licensing status, providing detailed reports.

Topeka, KS (PRWEB) February 10, 2005

IT Management solution provider, INSYSTEK, Inc. today announced the release of Inventory Manager 3.9, the Agentless™ inventory/audit solution for the corporate Windows® environment.

Inventory Manager, one of three solutions in the INSYSTEK Agentless™ management range, provides administrators with the tools to effectively manage remote desktops. With an intuitive design and flexible architecture, Inventory Manager is a highly scalable auditing solution, returning detailed information on hardware and software configurations on remote PC desktops, discovering, identifying and determining license compliance status and application usage for installed software.

“We’re seeing clients working proactively to determine licensing compliance within their organization, in growing numbers,” said Alex Turner, INSYSTEK CEO. “With the aggressive approach Business Software Alliance (BSA) and other piracy watchdogs are taking towards enforcement, we’re seeing these clients addressing software licensing issues ahead of a potential audit. Inventory Manager has been specifically used by clients to successfully comply with official BSA compliance audits and version 3.9 makes determining license compliance status easier than ever before.”

BSA advocates strong intellectual property protection for business software and maintains public policy, education, and enforcement programs in more than 60 countries around the globe. Worldwide, more than 50 BSA hotlines provide callers with the opportunity to obtain information about software piracy and report suspected incidents of software theft. BSA also works closely with law enforcement agencies around the world to enforce software licensing agreements.

Additional feature enhancements in the latest version of Inventory Manager include new license compliance and software tracking controls, expanded reporting types and new reporting features, a quick-launch menu bar for immediate access to critical functions and a custom notes set for manual inventory capabilities. “We’re excited about the release of Inventory Manager 3.9 because it’s a very solid stepping stone from Inventory Manager 3.8 to the multi-platform release of Inventory Manager. NET later in 2005” Turner stated. Inventory Manager delivers comprehensive inventory data on Windows® systems, enabling organizations to track changes to an asset throughout its lifecycle, stay compliant and reduce the total cost of desktop ownership. “Part of the appeal of our Agentless™ approach to managing desktops, is that without agents installed on the remote systems the solution implementation time that clients enjoy is rapid – even in the largest of environments deployment is extremely quick. We’re providing you with a powerful auditing tool that you can begin using effectively today - not next week or next month” concluded Turner.


INSYSTEK, Inc. has established itself as a leader in Agentless™ IT management software, supplying solutions that enable PC auditing/inventorying, software distribution/removal, and server performance and availability monitoring capabilities to clients in business, government, education and healthcare in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and South Africa.

More information on Inventory Manager 3.9 and the full range of INSYSTEK Agentless™ IT management solutions, including free trial versions, can be found at www. insystek. com or by calling toll-free 1-877-467-9783

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