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2010 San Francisco Women's Film Festival -- A Diverse Array of Films

2010 San Francisco Women's Film Festival -- A Diverse Array of Films

In its sixth year, the San Francisco Women’s Film Festival continues celebrating local and international acclaimed women in all areas of film.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 17, 2010

On April 7th, the Women’s Film Institute will present the 6th Annual San Francisco Women’s Film Festival (SFWFF), a comprehensive five day celebration of a diverse selection of films made by women: http://www. sfwff. com/ (http://www. sfwff. com/)

The mission of the Women's Film Institute is to honor, showcase, and facilitate the creation of films directed or co-directed by women. The 2010 selection of diverse films celebrates the exceptional contributions of women in the world of cinema and represents a convergence of excellence in filmmaking from around the globe.

The festival kicks off at the Roxie Theater with a tribute to Judith Helfand, renowned film maker, activist and educator. A 94-minute reel showing her notable documentary 'Healthy Baby Girl', excerpts from 'Blue Vinyl' and short film 'Ek Velt' will be presented.

Judith will also lead a workshop on using the media as a tool for community organizing and environmental activism. “The Women Empowerment and Environmental Film programs present films that investigate issues of harmful environmental practices as well as celebrate the women who are fighting back,” says Scarlett Shepard, founder of the Women’s Film Institute and SFWFF.

The SFWFF has come a long way since it's humble beginnings as a University sponsored film festival back in 2005. While pursuing her visual arts degree at San Francisco State University (SFSU), Shepard noticed the lack of female film makers in her film history books. Determined to unearth the history of women in film, as well as give a voice to those trying to make it in the industry, Shepard consulted with the SFSU cinema department and University administration to embark on a journey to create a platform that showcases, awards, and celebrates local, student and international female filmmakers.

By teaming up with SFSU professors, the SFSU Women’s Center of Associated Students, local award-winning filmmakers and a host of local sponsors, the San Francisco State University’s first Women’s Film Festival was born in April 2005, a three day event that drew about 500 attendees. After the success of its first run, Shepard expanded the festival beyond the SFSU campus and renamed it the San Francisco Women's Film Festival.

Now in it’s sixth year, the San Francisco Women’s Film Festival has grown exponentially. It has expanded to five packed days, showing films carefully selected from over 800 submissions. With attendance reaching 3,500, the festival is satisfying its goal to bring the work of women filmmakers to the masses.

Scarlett Shepard
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SFWFF: April 7th through April 11th