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The Energy of Kung Fu

The Energy of Kung Fu

Martial arts students who practices these ancient ways of Kung Fu are tapping into proven paths to health and happiness, and creating a repertoire of techniques that will help them for a lifetime.

(PRWEB) September 18, 2005

The term "Kung Fu" is used these days to describe Chinese martial arts in general. But the more literal translation of "Kung Fu" is "time, effort and energy spent in any worthwhile endeavor."

One can readily see that the discipline of Kung Fu can apply to any achievement through the investment of time and energy, such as cooking or healing...or martial arts. The well-rounded martial artist practices not only for physical fitness and confidence in battle, but for mental and emotional clarity and, ultimately, for spiritual awakening.

It seems odd to some outsiders that martial artists who spend time learning how to block, kick and punch can also be interested in meditation, but from time immemorial the inward journey has been every bit as important as the outward one to true martial artists.

At Bellevue Temple Kung Fu, http://www. kungfutemple. com (http://www. kungfutemple. com), plumbing the student's inner depths is an important part of the approach to Kung Fu training. This ancient art is respected for its authenticity and long lineage, and the philosophy and training methods follow closely along the lines of their most famous ancestors, the Shaolin Temple.

For example, ego-centered approaches to training in Kung Fu, such as promotional belt tests, breaking bricks and tournaments occupy no part of Temple Kung Fu training methods. Performance is not an objective. Rather, instruction time is spent in private, one-on-one sessions designed to improve the whole person.

This "holistic" approach can be handily applied to male or female, adult or child. Indeed, the object is to help each student find themselves and enable the expression of their energy and spirit, in everything they do in life.

Meditation and breathing exercises have long been a part of learning to live the way of the warrior. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Any warrior would feel calmer, more balanced and more confident when facing battle if he (or she) had the ability to access that inner space where our connection to the spirit and the universe dwells.

Meditation, relaxation and breathing practice are the keys to bringing the body, mind and spirit together to produce a human being that moves through the life journey with equilibrium, grace, confidence and strength. Temple Kung Fu specializes in stress reduction through these inner disciplines, combined with Chinese Yoga physical exercises as well as the other external fighting arts that form a total martial arts system.

Proper meditation teaches focus. Concentration is the cornerstone of good Kung Fu -- in any field.

Relaxation techniques lend agility in battle, aid in the control of pain, and put the essence of spirit in charge of any situation.

Learning to breathe properly is the secret to almost any physical and meditative practice. It moves and enlivens the body's energy ("Chi," or "Ki") and maintains physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and clarity.

Martial arts students who practices these ancient ways are tapping into proven paths to health and happiness, and creating a repertoire of techniques that will help them for a lifetime.

Http://www. kungfutemple. com (http://www. kungfutemple. com)