Saturday, December 19, 2009

CNT Infotech Launches Its New Medical Billing Product Techdoc (TM)

CNT Infotech Launches Its New Medical Billing Product Techdoc (TM)

CNT Infotech is an IT/healthcare consulting company that offers its medical billing services to providers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Puerto Rico and other states in the eastern coast. CNT Infotech has been providing its medical billing services to its clients in the area mentioned above for over 5 years.

East Brunswick, NJ (PRWEB) October 31, 2006

CNT Infotech, a New Jersey based company serving the HealthCare industry for over 5 years, recently launched its new medical billing (http://www. cntit. com/tech_sys. htm) product Techdoc. Techdoc is a HIPAA complaint software solution. Techdoc is certified for electronic submission with Government payers and commercial payers. TechDoc is also certified for electronic remittance processing, which means your remittances are automatically entered into the system as soon as it is received. Techdoc is a browser-based product, which makes it easier use, install and is a cost effective software solution.

"CNT Infotech with its unique exposure to both IT and healthcare, was able to seamlessly integrate best practices from both worlds into the development of the Techdoc system. This is truly a best of breed product," says President of the company Jose Colon.

"Our aim was to develop a comprehensive healthcare product that would be cost effective for the clients, HIPAA complaint, secure, flexible and uses latest technology from the IT industry," says product manager Muneer Ahamed.

TechDoc has been successfully implemented at provider sites in New York and other regions. Users are finding Techdoc very user friendly and have found that Techdoc has improved the medical claims management (http://www. cntit. com/tech_sys. htm) submission process.

One of the users who switched from a medical billing package to Techdoc says, "Techdoc is a very user friendly medical billing software (http://www. cntit. com/tech_sys. htm) package and helps me track the claims submitted. Techdoc helps me keep track of denials better now and allows me to work on them more efficiently".

Another user of Techdoc who has worked on another medical billing package says, "The electronic claim submission process is so simple, it hardly takes any time for me to do it. I don't have to document the steps for claim submission any more."

Techdoc is a browser-based physician billing software service (http://www. cntit. com/tech_sys. htm) that requires no software installed at the provider site. Any provider who has access to the Internet will be able to access Techdoc from any part of the world. Hence it requires no maintenance, no software upgrades and requires no IT geniuses to maintain it at the provider site. TechDoc is changing the traditional practice of medical billing.


CNT Infotech is a private consulting company providing application development and technology solutions to a diverse customer base. CNT Infotech began its operations primarily as a software solutions provider. CNT Infotech has combined a wide variety of staff with diverse industry expertise coupled with the technology specific experience in a variety of toolsets and databases. For more information visit www. cntit. com.