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Doe Run Peru Reviews Environmental Certification

Doe Run Peru Reviews Environmental Certification

Company Reviews Environmental Parameters to Ensure Compliance with ISO 14001 Certification

Lima, Peru (PRWEB) April 10, 2008

Following significant emission level improvements in recent months, Doe Run Peru (http://www. doerun. com. pe) has begun a review to update and establish new parameters for measuring the environmental conditions at its metals processing facility in La Oroya as part of its commitment to its environmental operating agreement with the Peruvian government, (known by its Spanish acronym, PAMA).

The review was begun following a decision by the certification agency to suspend Doe Run Peru's 2006 ISO 14001 certification for the environmental management of the smelter. Doe Run Peru is updating emissions information about the La Oroya metallurgical complex to ensure that it aligns with the requirements for certification.

Particulate matter emissions in La Oroya have decreased by more than 60 percent since Doe Run Peru assumed ownership of the smelter in 1997. Since Doe Run Peru received ISO 14001 certification in July 2006, the following improvements, among others, have been made at the La Oroya complex:
60 percent reduction in particulate emissions 61.7 percent reduction of air lead levels 72 percent reduction of cadmium levels in the air 81 percent reduction of arsenic in the air Virtual elimination of polluting liquid discharges from the smelter into the Mantaro and Yauli rivers

Recently, representatives of the government's Ministry of Health/DIGESA, OSINERGMIN and CONAM discussed the significant reduction of emissions and improvement in air quality in La Oroya at a meeting of the Peruvian Congress. The government representatives also noted during the meeting that the environmental improvements in La Oroya in the 10 years since Doe Run Peru arrived there had resulted in a significant improvement in the quality of life in the community.

"For us it is fundamental that we have clear and transparent processes and that they be reflected in documents like the ISO certification that was granted to us years ago. Today the situation has changed, the improvements at La Oroya are evident and we think that this review and updating is appropriate at this time," said Jose Mogrovejo, Doe Run Peru's vice president for environmental affairs.

About Doe Run Peru
Doe Run Peru is a mining and metals company operating in Peru's central Andes. The company has run the La Oroya metallurgical complex since 1997 and the Cobriza mine in Huancavelica since 1998, producing high quality refined metals while at the same time working to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible way. For more information visit http://www. doerun. com. pe (http://www. doerun. com. pe).

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