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Prepare for Pet Emergencies at mypetsoft. com

Prepare for Pet Emergencies at mypetsoft. com

Don't wait for the next earthquake, hurricane, tornado, flood or wildfire to strike before thinking about the safety and security of family pets. Being prepared today can make for a much better tomorrow.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 13, 2008

With constantly changing weather conditions and the reality of global warming, pets and their owners can easily become the next victims of a natural disaster. Even when people have advanced warning of these events they think, "This will not happen to me or on my property." People and pets that have shared a bad experience, and are alive to talk about it today, would give pet owners better advice - "get prepared today." Think about pet health, safety and security. Pets count on their owners in these situations because the "lucky day" plan is not the most effective plan in a crisis. As a responsible pet owner, they have access to helpful tools that their pets would probably use if they could. mypetsoft. com, a new Web-service from ORGIT Software Corporation, is now offering pet owners a free trial of the Petcare Software database application that's designed to manage all of their important pet records online.

In recent years, many temporary emergency shelters have welcomed pets into their facilities with their owners. In general, that's very cool but pet owners should assume that these facilities have some rules. Customers may need to provide current license or registration details, tags, microchip status, vaccination records, general health and nutrition information, etc., before the pets may gain access to accommodations with their owners. Users at mypetsoft. com can create and maintain comprehensive pet profiles for one, or many family pets, throughout their pet's lifetime. The reports can be viewed or edited online, emailed as a PDF document, or printed and distributed manually. Checklists can also help owners locate original documents in case they need to grab them quickly.

When people are faced with evacuation notices, or worse case, orders to evacuate now, they are way past the time for emergency preparation. "Experiencing the loss or separation of a pet extends beyond the immediate family," states Mike Toth, Founder. "The anxiety can last for years."

Owners shouldn't say "so what" until they check this site out. The new online Web-service at mypetsoft. com is very easy to use and full of detailed stuff that owners don't think about every day. Pet owners should be able to complete a pet profile in the same amount of time it takes them to plan for the perfect picnic with their pets.

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