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Infomercial Experts TriStar Products Inc. Partners with Fitness Leader Brenda DyGraf to Launch Breakthrough AirClimber System

Infomercial Experts TriStar Products Inc. Partners with Fitness Leader Brenda DyGraf to Launch Breakthrough AirClimber System

Revolutionary cardio machine burns body fat and shrink waistlines with amazing air power technology.

Fairfield, NJ (PRWEB) June 8, 2007

TriStar Products Inc., an industry leader in infomercial production and direct marketing, along with acclaimed fitness expert Brenda DyGraf, are pleased to announce their partnership in the launch of the AirClimber System. This fun, new cardio machine uses Air Power Technology to help burn body fat and shrink waistlines without getting down on the floor.

"Our partnership has already successfully sold over 2 million Lateral Thigh Trainers since 2004 and we're excited once again to combine our marketing savvy and Brenda DyGraf's expertise to introduce one of the biggest breakthroughs in exercise technology," said TriStar Products Inc., President and CEO Kishore (Keith) Mirchandani, a 20-year veteran in the direct marketing industry. "With our on-site studios, worldwide distribution channels and rich experience producing successful infomercials, this campaign has phenomenal potential."

The brilliant AirClimber System is created by award winning and internationally renowned fitness innovator Brenda DyGraf, who's devoted her life to helping millions of people get and stay in shape. "The AirClimber System is great for people of all fitness levels because it actually lifts your legs to help you work out, while the soft cushion of air eliminates jarring impact to joints," said Brenda DyGraf. "Now you can lose weight, firm and sculpt your entire body and shrink your waist, all while stepping on air."

About Tristar Products Inc.:
Tristar Products Inc. is the recognized industry pioneer in infomercials and direct marketing. With over $1 billion in sales, TriStar Products Inc. has a proven track record of taking innovative ideas and turning them into world wide distributed products. The company successfully develops, markets and distributes a diverse array of products including home appliances, fitness equipment, sports gear and health and beauty programs. Tristar Products Inc. is constantly being sought to form strategic business alliances with product innovators and celebrities, such as Jack LaLanne, Carol Alt, Denise Austin, Brenda DyGraf and Rachel Hunter.

About Brenda DyGraf:
Brenda DyGraf, U. S. Aerobic Champion, has been a leader in the retail and direct-to-consumer health and fitness category for the past 15 years, as well as one of the largest vendors of health and exercise products to the Home Shopping Network. Products marketed by Ms. DyGraf include "The Gravity Edge" (2 million sold), "StairClimber Plus" (3 million sold), "Ab Roller Plus" (4.5 million sold) and recently the "Lateral Thigh Trainer." She and her company (Windermere Exercise Company) have extensive expertise in on-air talent management, product engineering and development, global branding and marketing, domestic and international manufacturing and TV commercial production.

For more information, contact Keith Mirchandani at 973.575.5400 Ext. 114, or visit www. tristarproductsinc. com. Learn more about the AirClimber System at www. theairclimber. com