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Local Businessman Meets 2003 World Decathlon Champion

Local Businessman Meets 2003 World Decathlon Champion

Shelby Twp., MI—Dr. Scott McLeod of McLeod Chiropractic in Shelby Twp. recently met with the 2003 World Decathlon Champion, Tom Pappas.

(PRWEB) July 31, 2004

As a supporter of the World’s Greatest Athlete Decathlon Club, Dr. McLeod attended a conference and had the honor of meeting and speaking to the decathlete. “Tom Pappas is the reigning World Decathlon Champion and is favored to bring home the Gold Medal in the 2004 Olympics in Athens Greece.” said McLeod. “He and I have something very important in common. We both know that chiropractic care is essential in improving our bodies performance.”

The World's Greatest Athlete Decathlon Club, a non-profit organization, charged with the goal of sweeping decathlon Gold, Silver and Bronze in Athens, Greece 2004 includes Gold Medalists Bob Mathias, Bruce Jenner, Dan O’Brien, Milt Campbell, Rafer Johnson and Bill Toomey, as well as coaches and future Gold Medalists like Pappas. These great Olympic athletes depend a great deal upon chiropractic care, to prevent injuries and reach a maximum level of performance. Pappas, who is the current 2003 World Decathlon Champion declares, “I’m relying on chiropractic care to help me bring home the Gold medal from the 2004 Olympics.”

Talking with Pappas revealed the similarities in the health philosophies that he and Dr. McLeod share. During the meeting, Pappas was quoted as stating “Staying healthy is probably the biggest key for any world class decathlete as far as their success goes and for me I see a chiropractor twice a week because it gives me what my body needs to stay healthy and have that extra advantage. Chiropractic care is a huge part of my success in staying healthy but I have to admit I didn’t always feel that way.” Dr. McLeod agrees. “Studies are consistently showing that chiropractic care actually improves the function and therefore the performance of athletes. I see many athletes of diverse age and sport in my practice, and all of them agree… chiropractic helps them perform to their optimum ability.”

Pappas continues, saying, “Actually, before the first experience I had with chiropractic care I wasn’t too big on the idea. Then I met a chiropractor that was working with the University of Tennessee football team and actually the first time I saw him I was having quite a few physical problems. He gave me an adjustment to help prepare me physically for the meet and I actually set 3 personal bests in that meet that day so ever since then I was hooked. I’ve been seeing him twice a week ever since and this has been probably at least 5 years ago.”

“Chiropractic is not a magic pill for sports performance” McLeod states, “however it is a very necessary component.” Pappas agrees, “I train at a high level for the Decathlon but I enjoy doing it because I enjoy staying fit and I feel good about my life. Chiropractic care is definitely something I think that everyone should look into doing for their maximum health.”

PappasÂ’ coach, Brian Brophy, also agrees. "After six months in a Boston Brace my freshman year in college for a fractured vertebrae, Orthopedic Surgeons recommended surgery. I choose to see a chiropractor. Six weeks later I was back on track, literally. I haven't had a problem since."

Dr. McLeod summarizes the entire meeting by saying, “If a world class athlete, like Tom Pappas, depends on chiropractic care to maximize his athletic potential, shouldn’t we all incorporate chiropractic into our family’s healthcare regimen to ensure maximum health potential? Chiropractic is the world leader in restoring health from a natural perspective.”

To help support the WorldÂ’s Greatest Athlete Decathlon Club, McLeod Chiropractic will be accepting donations to the WorldÂ’s Greatest Athlete Decathlon Club. For more information, contact McLeod Chiropractic at 586-739-6262 or http://www. mcleodchiropractic. com (http://www. mcleodchiropractic. com)

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