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Memorial Ceremony for Summer Beaver

Memorial Ceremony for Summer Beaver

Three days of memorial services will be held in Summer Beaver, Northwestern Ontario from September 10th-12th in memory of the plane crash victims of Wasaya Flight 125, who tragically perished on 11th September 2003.

(PRWEB) September 11, 2004

Memorial Ceremony for Nibinamik First Nation

Thursday 9th September, 2004: Remembrance services will be held in Nibinamik First Nation (Summer Beaver) this weekend, in memory of the seven victims who tragically lost their lives on the fatal air disaster of Wasaya Air Flight 125, on September 11th 2003. All of the passengers aboard the flight perished in the fatal accident last Fall, including most of the communityÂ’s Band Council, the pilot and a seven years old boy.

Many families and friends of the victims are expected to arrive in the community, as well as representatives from Matawa First Nations Management in Thunder Bay, to pay their respects. Services will commence this Friday and continue until Sunday, including gospel singing, prayers, church services, traditional feasts and a ceremony at the crash site. On Saturday, mourners will make the 10km journey on foot to the crash site for a memorial ceremony. The Chief and Council of Nibinamik First Nation are anticipating a high number of visitors to the community and are encouraging those people to bring tents, sleeping bags and donations of groceries for the duration of their visit.

Says Roger Oskineegish, Recovery Management Coordinator from the community; “This past year has been a long struggle for our entire community. Many of us lost close relatives, loved ones, work colleagues and neighbours. We are battling on a daily basis to deal with the physical and emotional impacts that this tragedy has inflicted on us. There are many unanswered questions related to this accident that are affecting our ability to mourn. We hope that these remembrance services will assist in the grieving and healing process of our community members. ”

The community continues to be plagued by a lack of resources to provide vital counselling and support services for the affected families and the communityÂ’s mental health status is still in a critical condition. The community of Nibinamik is expecting the Transporation Safety Board report sometime in October.

Nibinamik First Nation is appealing for financial donations from the public to contribute towards the Remembrance services and the long term healing needs of the victimsÂ’ families. Please forward any enquiries to Nibinamik First Nation Band Office at: 807 593 2131.

For further information please contact: Stephanie Ash or Valerie Marasco at: 807 767 4443 or email: stephanie@firedogpr. com.