Friday, April 16, 2010

MMORPG Extreme offers life to new Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games and Aspiring Developers

MMORPG Extreme offers life to new Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games and Aspiring Developers

Online community strives to keep the gaming industry alive and growing by providing tools and resource for each side of the gaming industry. Insomniatic extreme players, aspiring MMORPG developers, and curious game producers gather to network pajama-style!

(PRWEB) December 20, 2003

Just four weeks after going live online, www. mmorpgextreme. com has hit over 12,000 page views, received 150 loyal members, and have linked with Flashlink Technologies; the networking company consisting of big gaming news sites such as Warcry and Stratics. The secret behind MMORPG ExtremeÂ’s success: Girlgaming power.

Kat, whom just wants to be known as ‘Kat’ because she dreads the spotlight attention and thinks the mysterious name generates the same sense of curiosity as Dear Abby (who is she?), has seen both sides of the gaming industry. “I’m a gamer, big time, hardcore, love it!” she said. “But I’m also a business woman. Marketing, developing, networking, computer technologies, etcetera, has always been my career.”

After helping to bring a popular Healthcare Internet Development company from zero to hero status online, then being laid off just a few weeks after returning from maternity leave with her third child, Kat decided that she was wasting her time and talents on trying to make the corporate dotcom’s richer. “I freaked out you know. I mean, here I was with a newborn, a 1 year old, a two year old, and my husband on the possibility of being deployed to Iraq since he’s active duty military, and the corporation just took all my manuals, plans, and ideas, used them and tossed me out because they didn’t get the next round of funding.” She said, “I did a lot of soul searching and thought, ‘What about the smaller people? What about those who work their butts off to gain just a small piece of recognition even?’ And after reading a lot of MMORPG boards, I found a plethora of disappointed game developers and an equal amount of aspiring ones loosing motivation.” That inspired Kat to bring her Internet, marketing, and business knowledge out to play with her gaming side.

The result: Beautiful Chaos! “I wanted to create a place where aspiring developers could connect with the hardcore players for game play ideas, which is what a lot of the big boys lack to do.” Kat said. “If the developers could get ideas from the people who play the games BEFORE or DURING the creation process, then the end result may be a little more interesting to the players not based thoroughly on eye-candy, and if they could use some of the free tools and resources provided on the site, which is generously provided through website supporters, then they could budget more efficiently as many of the aspiring developers don’t have a lot of corporate money to toss around.”

That good idea turned better when the community recently caught the attention of Jamie, a graphics design student graduating this spring, who is eagerly helping to build the community eye-candy. “Jamie’s work is phenomenal and I’m excited to get more graphical features out for the members now.” Kat said. Currently MMORPG Extreme supplies developer news, job openings, dev tools and resources, and an MMORPG games directory for new developers to advertise their games, but the site also provides gaming guides and tips, game news, forums, and screenshots for the players. Kat hopes that game producers will find the site useful in networking with the aspiring developers to provide them partnerships or connections. Kat is quick to mention, “We’re also in the works for something very tight-lipped at the moment, but it will be awesome!” she said.

MMORPG Extreme is always looking for volunteers or students to help assist in the development of the community. For more information about MMORPG Extreme, to volunteer or sponsor the community, and to get your game into the directory for free, visit the website at http://www. mmorpgextreme. com (http://www. mmorpgextreme. com)