Monday, May 10, 2010

Black Mold and Mildew Stains Go Green: Earthpaint Offers Powerful New Paint For U. S. Flood Damage Affected Families Doing Mold Abatement

Black Mold and Mildew Stains Go Green: Earthpaint Offers Powerful New Paint For U. S. Flood Damage Affected Families Doing Mold Abatement

Toxic black mold and mildew are notoriously difficult for flood damage victims to deal with. Lime Prime paints directly over black mold and mildew stains and keeps the surface clean. This is something new and simple that flood damage victims may want to do themselves during the mold abatement process.

Asheville, NC (PRWEB) October 22, 2010

According to FEMA, flooding is the single most common disaster, yet mold abatement help can be hard to find. After the flood, families return home and see black mold and mildew growing abundantly. Flood damage affected families are beginning to turn to an old remedy: lime based paint from http://www. earthpaint. net.

Earthpaint’s Lime Prime easily paints on wall cavities, HVAC and directly over black mold and mildew stains. Untold numbers of families have been forced from their homes due to black mold and mildew. Lime Prime is something families can do themselves or better yet, in combination with professional mold abatement if possible.

“Using a natural, zero-VOC paint like Lime Prime makes sense. It’s fast, easy, and surfaces need painting anyway after a flood,” says Eric Scheider, VP Marketing at Earthpaint.

After a flood, the musty smells start. This musty air may contain toxic black mold and mildew spores which can be measured by a mold sampler. FEMA and the EPA provide excellent guidelines which suggest using a mold remediation contractor when mold damage gets beyond certain limits. IICRC certified, professional mold remediation, while very necessary, is simply not possible for many property owners recovering from a flood. Certainly, professional mold abatement cannot be replaced by paint alone. Still, for those who are faced with illness or homelessness, Lime Prime is a welcome addition to the tools at hand.

Lime Prime successfully eliminates black mold and mildew stains and can keep surfaces clean for years to come. The paint is made from mineral lime. Lime has been used for centuries by farmers to deal with black mold and mildew in barns. European homes have traditionally been coated with lime wash due to its easy application and clean appearance. Mediterranean homes are famous for the crisp white lime washed domes contrasted against the bright blue Mediterranean Sea. Lime Prime employs the same age-old lime wash approach but improves it with modern technological advances to make a thick, rich, white primer.

With zero voc’s, a mineral base and a low ecological footprint, Lime Prime is perfect for anyone with “Green” ideals. At the same time it is a seriously strong primer that can take on the very toughest black mold and mildew stains. It can also be used as the primer coat on the entire house. Lime Prime offers a solution that most every homeowner can apply themselves. It’s great that it paints on, right over the black mold and mildew stains but it’s even better that Lime Prime stays clean and doesn’t contain any poison.

To purchase Lime Prime to use after mold abatement visit http://www. earthpaint. net.
For more information on black mold and mildew visit http://www. basementmold. org.

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