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FunAsset Adds CleanMail to Its Bulk Mail Discount Solutions

FunAsset Adds CleanMail to Its Bulk Mail Discount Solutions

FunAsset's suite of bulk mail discount software solutions has been bolstered with the introduction of CleanMail On Demand.

Ilminster, UK (PRWEB) June 6, 2005

FunAsset, a UK leader in enterprise connectivity, data conversion and output management solutions since 1988, has updated its successful On Demand software so organisations sending over 1000 items of UK mail in a single run can take advantage of the Royal MailÂ’s CleanMail bulk mail discount service.

The inclusion of CleanMail has bolstered the number of discount services the On Demand software can handle to nine – MailSort 120 (OCR), MailSort 120 (CBC), MailSort 700, MailSort 1400, WalkSort, CleanMail (OCR), CleanMail (CBC), CleanMail Plus (OCR) and CleanMail Plus (CBC).

"Organisations now only need to integrate a single software solution to take advantage of any one of the numerous postal discount rates offered by the Royal Mail", comments Mark Williams, Marketing Coordinator for FunAsset. "More importantly, CleanMail On Demand opens the door for organisations previously unable to meet the minimum mail quantity requirements of MailSort and WalkSort."

The concept behind CleanMail On Demand is identical to its counterparts - MailSort and WalkSort On Demand. Mail data from almost any source (mainframe, server or PC) is analysed and processed on-the-fly prior to being output in a format that adheres to the Royal MailÂ’s stringent address stipulations.

No changes are needed to an organisationÂ’s mail operation and no separate address database is required (a prerequisite for most other bulk mail applications).

"CleanMail On Demand saves significant amounts of money on postage day in day out", states Mark. "Not only that, users can quickly and easily upgrade to MailSort or WalkSort On Demand if their mailing circumstances change."

If you would like to find out how you could save significant amounts on money on your postage by using CleanMail On Demand, please visit funasset. com.

About FunAsset Limited

FunAsset are a design and manufacturing company that specialise in enterprise connectivity, data conversion, data processing, and output management and distribution products. Since 1988, these products have been used globally by organisations such as local government and health authorities, utility and facilities management companies, insurance services, law firms and financial institutions including HSBC and The Bank of England. Manufacturers such as IBM, Fujitsu, Océ and Xerox also use the products to enable their equipment to be attached to normally incompatible devices and to provide their customers with a greater degree of data processing, management and routing.

About CleanMail On Demand

CleanMail On Demand is a Windows application that analyses an organisation's mail data to ensure that the addresses within are valid so the savings offered by the Royal Mail's CleanMail (OCR & CBC) and CleanMail Plus (OCR & CBC) services can be attained.

About the Royal Mail

Royal Mail Group plc is a public limited company wholly owned by the UK Government. It employs over 200,000 staff, and works with 16,500 sub postmasters in order to provide national and international postal serves using familiar brand names of Post Office®, Royal Mail, and Parcelforce Worldwide.