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Paquin Healthcare Announces Healthcare Retail ’08 Conference in Las Vegas

Paquin Healthcare Announces Healthcare Retail ’08 Conference in Las Vegas

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) February 27, 2008 –-

Paquin Healthcare Companies, Inc. today announced the Healthcare Retail ’08 Conference, to take place at The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event will be held June 9 and 10, 2008.

The two-day conference will feature speakers and presentations covering all aspects of healthcare retail, including business strategy, case studies, ecommerce, direct marketing, hospital-owned stores and gift shops, non-profit tax issues, loyalty programs and merchandising solutions.

"Healthcare retail is gaining momentum as a new strategy for hospitals and healthcare systems to generate sustainable, non-reimbursed revenue sources,” states Tony Paquin, CEO, Paquin Healthcare Companies. “Many hospitals are generating millions in high-margin retail revenue, yet there is a real shortage of information and education available. This conference will be a major step in filling that gap.”

The company has arranged for several industry-leading speakers from both the healthcare and retail industries. Case studies and presentations by hospital executives are also planned, and there will be exhibits by vendors providing retail services and products to hospitals and health systems.

This year’s keynote presentation features Alicia Ledlie, Senior Director of Health Business Development of Wal-Mart Stores, who will speak to Wal-Mart’s growing role in the world of healthcare retail. Attendees will gain unique insight into the company’s plans for products, services and potential relationships with hospitals and other healthcare providers.

"Attendance will be limited and we fully expect the event to sell out,” says Paquin. “We are already receiving requests to reserve space, and every indication is that we will run out of availability in the next few months,” states Paquin.

For more information contact Houston Winn at (407) 566-1005 or Houston. winn@paquinhealthcare. com.

About Paquin Healthcare Companies, Inc.
Paquin Healthcare Companies, Inc., through its subsidiary operations, is pioneering the development of distribution channels for healthcare-based retail products and services. Working in conjunction with major hospitals and other professional healthcare organizations nationwide, Paquin Healthcare is the nation’s leading provider of integrated and customized solutions for the implementation of healthcare retail strategies. As Medicare reimbursement rates continue to be pressured downward and expenses rise, new sources for non-reimbursed revenues are becoming essential to the financial viability of hospitals. For more information, visit www. PaquinHealthcare. com.