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Motorola University Selects mPortal to Enable Six Sigma on Mobile Devices

Motorola University Selects mPortal to Enable Six Sigma on Mobile Devices

The Six Sigma Methodolgy created by Motoroa University enables companies to improve processes and reduce inefficiencies in production. Motorola University and mPortal are taking it one step further by enabling decision makers to have real-time metrics anytime, anywhere.

(PRWEB) March 28, 2002

VIENNA, VA (MARCH 25, 2002) ¾ mPortal Inc., the premier provider of mobile software solutions has been selected by Motorola University to define and develop prototype mobile extensions to their well-known Six Sigma® products. Motorola University is the premier Corporate University, delivering business improvement solutions within Motorola as well as for Motorola customers and suppliers.

In 1986 Motorola created Six Sigma® to maximize business process efficiencies and increase competitive advantage and market share. Six Sigma® provides quality measures that can be used throughout the corporation from manufacturing to support functions. Currently multiple Fortune 500 companies are utilizing Six Sigma® to improve operations and quality management. The mobile components will allow Six Sigma® users to monitor projects and metrics from any mobile device such as Palm and Pocket PC based devices and Java phones. “The addition of mobile capabilities to Six Sigma® improves the managers ability to track quality metrics and react faster and more efficiently by putting the information in their hands at any time wherever they are,“ said Tom McCarty, VP of Consulting Services at Motorola University.

This project will take advantage of some key features now available on a variety of mobile devices, such as the Pocket PCs and the Java phones. These features include the ability to work both on and off line, the ability to sync data over-the-air, and the ability to receive and send alerts and messages. “We believe that any enterprise mobile solution has three requirements: the ability to store data on the device, the ability to synchronize with back-end data over-the-air, and the ability to receive and react to real-time information. mPortal is able to provide all three features in a variety of ways, making our solution flexible and robust,“ said Sathiya Krishnan, CTO of mPortal.

Motorola University has traditionally been on the leading edge of technology and was quick to realize the benefits mobility can bring to enterprise applications. They will use the prototype built by mPortal to test their theory and potentially expand the Six Sigma® offering.

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About Motorola University

For the last twenty years Motorola University has been globally recognized as the premier Corporate University model. Leveraging upon their tremendous success Motorola University is now redefining what a Corporate University is in the twenty-first century. Instead of known primarily for providing a portfolio of training products for the purpose of individual employee development, they are now acknowledged as a strategic business partner that improves business results for MotorolaÂ’s customers and suppliers by focusing in the areas of leadership, learning and performance. Motorola UniversityÂ’s customers range from financial to manufacturing, from health care to government and reside throughout the world. Additional information can be found at http://mu. motorola. com (http://mu. motorola. com) or by calling 1-800-446-6744.

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