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The Song Inside of Her - Highland Park, Illinois Girl Wins Songwriting Contest From Hip Hop Duo Dr. Cool and Pride

The Song Inside of Her - Highland Park, Illinois Girl Wins Songwriting Contest From Hip Hop Duo Dr. Cool and Pride

Nine-Year-Old to Perform Her Original Tune ‘Dancin’ and Prancin’ with Chicago’s Coolest Black-and-White Singer, Songwriting Team--Dr. Cool and Pride September 6, 2004, Chicago International Toy & Game Fair—Navy Pier

Deerfield, IL (PRWEB) September 1, 2004

Hey, kids! Imagine writing your own song and having two of the coolest guys in Chicago sing it with you at the Chicago International Toy and Game Fair at Navy Pier!

Well, that’s what happened to nine-year-old Marisa Guggenheim of Highland Park, IL who won the first ever “The Song Inside of You” songwriting contest held by Dr. Cool and Pride, Chicago’s coolest black-and-white singer, songwriting team.

“I do write poems and stories, and I thought it would be so cool to write a song since I love music,” says Marisa, who was inspired to write the song after being in the audience for the filming of Dr. Cool and Pride’s debut concert DVD “The Feeling Good Concert.”

Dr. Cool and Pride will have Marisa join them on stage in a sing-along, dance along performance of her tune, “Dancing’ and Prancin,” during Dr. Cool and Pride’s concert at the Chicago International Toy and Game Fair (CHITAG), Monday, September 6, 12:00 noon, Exhibit Hall A, Navy Pier—the Midwest’s #1 family attraction. The concert is free with admission to the Fair. For more information about CHITAG, please call 847-677-8277 or visit www. chitag. com.

“Kids love music and with their MP3 players and iPods they can listen to a variety of songs, but these songs are not their own. Our contest enables kids to write a song about something meaningful in their lives – their dog, their friends, whatever is important to them. We looked for a tune that was fun and catchy, and promotes having a good time. Marisa’s song hit the mark,” says Dr. Cool.

Pride loves the kid-friendly lyrics and was able to add a creative beat that makes it easy for kids to dance to. “I love the word ‘tizzy’ and how the lyrics fit the beat,” says Pride. “We love to get the kids up and moving and what better way than to have them jam to a song of their own.”

For Marisa, who takes music in school and plays the piano, dancing around her house makes her day every time. “I wanted to write about something that makes me feel good and happy,” she adds.

Dr. Cool and Pride invite their young fans to tap into their own personal creativity and join in the fun of writing songs. Thus, the “The Song Inside of You” contest was born. The next contest is now open and the deadline is September 30, 2004. Visit www. drcoolandpride. com/songwriting. html (http://www. drcoolandpride. com/songwriting. html) for rules and eligibility. There’s even a section on the web site called Songwriting 101 that teaches kids how to write a song.

For the past several years, Dr. Cool (Jeff Bizar) and Pride (Famos Guider) have devoted themselves to encouraging kids to make healthy choices, respect others, and accept themselves just the way they are through their unique mix of hop-hop, rock and conscious rap. Their groundbreaking music and lyrics are hip and contemporary, in tune with today's kids, but their messages are Golden Oldies—character-building values that parents everywhere appreciate and applaud.

Dr. Cool and Pride’s “The Feeling Good Concert” TV special was recently broadcast over CBS 2 Chicago and their award-winning “The Feeling Good Concert” DVD received the All-Star Rating from KIDS FIRST!®, the highest rating available in the KIDS FIRST! program, and the Dove Foundation Family Review Board’s Seal of Approval for content that is appropriate for family viewing.

“The Feeling Good Concert” is the first in a series of live action programs featuring the music and messages of Dr. Cool and Pride. In the works are a national concert tour, books, more videos, and a television series, which presents the performers in an innovative, interactive format and involves kids in writing their own songs. For more information about Dr. Cool and Pride, call 1-847-564-1269 or visit www. drcoolandpride. com.