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New Chlorine Dioxide Horticultural Sanitizer from Griffin Greenhouse and Nursery Supplies Controls Greenhouse Algae

New Chlorine Dioxide Horticultural Sanitizer from Griffin Greenhouse and Nursery Supplies Controls Greenhouse Algae

Company enters national distribution agreement with selective micro technologies for Selectrocide™ chlorine dioxide.

Tewksbury, MA (PRWEB) July 1, 2005

Today, Griffin Greenhouse & Nursery Supplies of Tewksbury, MA announced a partnership with Selective Micro Technologies, in conjunction with the research of Dr. Peter Konjoian, to distribute Selectrocide™ chlorine dioxide to the horticulture market nationwide. In tests conducted over the past two years, Selectrocide has been shown to effectively control algae and unwanted microbial growth in greenhouse production. For growers, Selectrocide will help reduce crop loss due to algae growth and will significantly improve overall greenhouse sanitation, delivering higher-quality plants and improved profitability.

Selectrocide comes in a patented, membrane-enclosed packet that enables growers to generate a solution of chlorine dioxide quickly and easily, in the precise amounts and concentrations needed at the point of use. Once immersed in water, the packet emits chlorine dioxide into the water at a neutral pH. The result is a 99% pure solution of chlorine dioxide and water. This US EPA-registered product is now available for commercial use in greenhouses and nurseries.

Known for over 50 years to be an excellent sanitizing agent, chlorine dioxide has been used to clean public drinking water and kill highly infectious bacteria, fungi and viruses. Its use has been limited to large-scale applications due to limitations in generating chlorine dioxide on site. SelectrocideÂ’s patented technology eliminates these limitations and allows - for the first time - the generation of 99% pure chlorine dioxide in economical quantities, quickly and easily.

Griffin will be selling Selectrocide and delivery system kits to the horticultural market starting on July 1, 2005. Dave Morin, Senior VP of Marketing/Purchasing, commented, “The use of Selectrocide has the potential to bring our customersÂ’ growing operations to cleaner and healthier levels never before achievable, and to maintain that level from season to season and year to year.” 

Dr. Peter Konjoian of Konjoian’s Floriculture Education Services has spent 2 ½ years researching Selectrocide, and his relationship with Selective Micro Technologies has been integral in bringing Selectrocide chlorine dioxide to the horticulture market. Dr. Konjoian’s research has shown that algae and other microbial growth can be reduced dramatically in traditional irrigation systems with twice-a-year shock treatments of only 50ppm, followed by ultra-low continuous injection at a residual level of only 0.25ppm.

Further information is available at www. griffins. com/selectrocide (http://www. griffins. com/selectrocide) or by calling Ian McGain at 610-286-0046.

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