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P. B.G's Productions Draws Talented Artists to Local Communities

P. B.G's Productions Draws Talented Artists to Local Communities

P. B.G's Productions Draws Talented Artists to Local Communities

(PRWEB) December 26, 2003

P. B.G.’s Productions is an independent production company, committed to the future, by providing opportunities and awareness to its community-based youth organizations. Thanks to the collective efforts of P. B.G.’s Productions, the NAACP and the Skills Networks Assets & Programs for Youth and Families (SNAP), we have been able to bring talented artists to the community such as El-Malik, in March of 2001, lead singer for the Motown group, 7669, performed for the youth and she prompted a vigorous dialogue on what it is like to be a performer and the steps necessary to achieve this goal. This event was sponsored under P. B.G.’s Productions banner, “Dreams” Are Nothing More Than Plans Awaiting Action.

In late July 2001, P. B.G.Â’s Productions presented Tanya Simpson, an on air personality for 98.7 KISS FM radio. She spoke on a broad base for breaking into the radio and music business to our young audience.

On January 9th in 2002, in Newsday, an article was written, pointing out that the Wyandanch Long Island Middle School was posted on the state’s lowest-performing list. Wyandanch ranked as one of the poorest districts in their county. In hearing this, P. B.G.’s Productions, mobilized the entertainment industry by making a few phone call and, “Wyandanch Youth Live Aid” was born. With the help of Patti W. Bullard Executive Director of the Wyandanch Youth Center, and sponsors included: The Heritage Networks, Verizon, FUBU, Unique Sports Generation, Great South Bay YMCA and L’Oreal U. S.A. These major sponsors helped bring 98.7 KISS FM’s DJ, Lenny Green as the host for the event, while artists: Mel Love, Byata, Lou Star, Reese and Joelle of Will Hart Delphonics, performed and spoke to the youth about making the right choices in life.

On September 25,2003 Together with the Wyandanch Martian Luther King Jr. provided a high level of entertainment to the COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER’S ANNUAL ADVISORY BOARD HEALTH CONFERENCE “STEP INTO HEALTH - THE EVER CHANGING HUMAN VIRUS”, with Jenell Chin, Cover Artist for SGIB Nov-Dec 2003 magazine, El-Mailk, former Lead Singer for 90’s Motown’s girl group 7669 and making his first L. I. appearance Chris Curry, who has performed with Ray, Goodman & Brown / The Moments ("Love On A Two Way Street", "Special Lady"); produces events for Isaac Hayes and writes commercial music jingles for major advertising agencies; has been making dreams come true for many aspiring performing and recording artists for over 20 years.

On November 23, 2003, at the Town of Islip’s Recreation Center in Brentwood a very special guest, Sara Raya, ‘The Hardest Working Dancer in Show Business.” This dancer from Barcelona, Spain is one of the dancers for “The Godfather of Soul”, Mr. James Brown and also a cover artist in the June 2003 issue of SGIB Magazine, Long Island’s First Bilingual Music Magazine.

When the beautiful Raya came out, she spoke to the youth, sending such strong messages such as how important education is, how dreams do come true so never give up, how practicing will get you further and then fielded questions from the audience. She was witty, humble, fun and a role model for all. Then she entertained all with her dance moves and rapping-yes, rapping! She raps in Spanish and with her Latin flava, she received a well deserved round of cheering and applause from everyone. Raya also performs a rap duet with “The Godfather of Soul,” Mr. James Brown, on tour. Her infectious smile and bubbly personality made everyone so comfortable, that you would never know she is an international superstar and has traveled the world over 6 times. She even brought up some of the youths to sing and dance with her to 50 Cent and other popular tunes. Credit has to go to Sara Raya for encouraging the youths to not be afraid of their dreams and to do what they want to do in life.

This special event brought out members of several youth organizations on Long Island like Adelante, YES, and the Youth Council of the NAACP and they were ‘wowed’ by all that was offered. For three hours, the excitement and entertainment never ended. With music was provided by Elliot’s DJ Music & Catering with his assistant, Ron and live performances from four different genres of music. Reggae was performed by, Joseph Reno, rapping and dancing by the new Long Island sensation girl group, Cittin’ Pretty, to the incredible R & B vocals of Ernest Miller’s rendition of Brenda Russell’s, “Get Here.” Even audience members grabbed the mic to do their own thing and free raffles were given out for celebrity photographs from Photos by Gerard’s private collection.

P. B.G.Â’s Productions pet project is to serve the community and help the youth realize that no matter where you live, no matter your life situations, hope springs eternal and never give up your dreams. P. B.G.Â’s Productions does all of their events simply to bring a positive message to the youth. If your organization is interested in the Youth Empowerment Program, you can contact Gerard, Event Coordinator, at 631-969-3676. ItÂ’s worth it! Youth and the community is a project close to GerardÂ’s heart and he loves to help the youth and serve his community. He should be praised for his dedication to this mission. This event was sponsored by Strong G Island Biz/SGIB Magazine, Long IslandÂ’s First Bilingual Music Magazine, you can visit the website at www. sgibmagazine. com and the Peter Pan Diner in Brightwaters.

Gerard has also carried his message of “Dreams” Are Nothing More Than Plans Awaiting Action, into schools, where he openly speaks on his own past of drugs, prison and the power to change. “While missing out on my own children’s lives, due to drugs, today I still want to raise a child. I feel I can best do that by not bringing another child into this world, but by help making a difference in the ones that are already here.”

If P. B.G.Â’s Productions, can be of some service to your youth organization through: A basic course on photography, outlining: Photographic Creative Visualization: where we see photography, effectiveness of photography in our day to day lives, different aspects of photography (i. e. sports, fashion, advertising and photojournalism) and the difference between taking a picture and capturing a moment. Completed with the hands of what it takes to publish a magazine, where one will learn, interviewing, writing, reporting, layout by actively being involved in the ground breaking new music magazine SGIB a monthly publication. Please feel free to contact me.