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ASG Announces Availability of Two New Fingerprint Biometric Security Products for PCs (BioCert PCLokR) and Portable Data (BioCert DataLokR) and a Partnership with Authentec, Bioscrypt, and Precise Biometrics

ASG Announces Availability of Two New Fingerprint Biometric Security Products for PCs (BioCert PCLokR) and Portable Data (BioCert DataLokR) and a Partnership with Authentec, Bioscrypt, and Precise Biometrics

Artemis Solutions Group (ASG) jointly announces partnership with industry leaders Authentec, Bioscrypt, Comodo Group, and Precise Biometrics to provide next generation secure authentication and a full security application suite solution for PCs and portable data. BioCert introduces two new products in the new BioCert® PC and Network Security System, the BioCert® PCLokR™ PC Security Bundle and the BioCert® DataLokR™ PC & Portable Data Security Bundle to provide a complete solution for home PCs and Small Business enterprises. The products are available directly world-wide through The BioCert Website, Biometrics Direct, iQBio Website and iQBio European Union websites as well as through ASG resellers and solutions providers and through a partnership with Google Checkout and Amazon Marketplace.

Freeland, WA (PRWEB) November 28, 2006

Freeland, WA PRWeb) November 28, 2006 -- Artemis Solutions Group (ASG) announced today a multi-company partnership between ASG's BioCert® division, Dmailer, Comodo Security Group, Authentec®, Bioscrypt (BYT. TO) and Precise Biometrics™ (PREC. ST) for the introduction of its latest fingerprint biometric security products, the BioCert® PCLokR™ Security Bundle (http://www. biometricsdirect. com/PCProducts/PCLokR. htm) and the upgraded BioCert® DataLokR™ Security Bundle (http://www. biometricsdirect. com/PCProducts/DataLokR. htm) targeting the needs of the consumer and small business segment of the PC security market.

The small business market are those organizations that have fewer than 500 employees as defined by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA). This segment accounts for 99.7% of all businesses in the US and is the fastest growing segment of PC and network users. These are also the organizations and users that need a complete inexpensive security solution without additional annual security subscriptions. The BioCert® PCLokR™ Security Bundle at $49.95 and the upgraded BioCert® DataLokR™ Road Warrior Security Bundle at $149.95 offer a complete solution without additional annual subscriptions or other fees*.

Introduced as a Complete Desktop PC Security Solution for Windows XP, the BioCert PCLokR allows authorized users to logon to their PC or secure files using Precise Biometrics' Precise 100XS fingerprint reader incorporating Authentec's patented "TruePrint" swipe fingerprint technology and a customized OEM version of Bioscrypt's Verisoft Universal Security Client developed for ASG under the BioCert label as the BioCert® Intelligent Identity Manager™ v2.0(BIIM).

The BioCert Intelligent Identity Manager (http://www. biometricsdirect. com/Networking/biocertbiim. htm) is a full featured PC Security, Logon and SSO Suite that includes features that allow PC owners and small business administrators to limit access to their PCs, data and drives by using any of the three basic forms of authentication (knowledge - something you know, possession - something you have and biometrics - physical identity):

Fingerprint Biometric Access Pin Code Password Token PKI Certificate Smart Card - PKCS11 Compatible Virtual Token (self generated encrypted text file) stored on the ClipBio™ Pro Public Partition

Any of these methods may be used alone as "single factor authentication (SFA)" or in any combination for a more robust "multi-factor authentication" (MFA). Administrators can limit access by individual user, user groups, networks, VPN clients enterprise wide based upon these policies.

With just a swipe of a finger, users will have access to their PC, their local network, secure websites, encrypted data, and be able to travel safely with the data protected with biometric identity verification.

ASG is also including a full suite of security products from Comodo Group, a leading Internet and Certification authority, to be distributed as part of the PCLokR and DataLokR bundles.

"ASG is extremely excited about this opportunity to bring all of these industry leading products into a single cohesive solution for PC Access and Portable Data Security. Personal users, road warriors and small business owners can ensure that their private data is secure with an extremely high degree of reliability using multi-factor authentication. Most organizations can show positive return on investment (ROI) within 10-18 months." States James Childers, CEO of ASG.

Hardware and Software included in the BioCert® PCLokR™ and DataLokR™ bundles:

BioCert® PCLokR™ Bundle - $49.95 Complete

Precise 100XS swipe desktop USB fingerprint reader incorporating the Authentec 1610 sensor. BioCert® Intelligent Identity Manager™ v2.0 PC Version offering the following functionality:

PC Secure Login for all registered users with    Single Sign On Password Storage for Websites and Applications    Encrypted eWallet for Online Transaction Security    Automated Password Management    Secure Encrypted Private Disk (2GB) for Storing Personal Documents and Synchronization with the optional BioCert® ClipBio™ Pro Portable Clip Flash Drive and iQBioSync™ Software included in the DataLokR Bundle.    Secure Network Login (Active Directory Integration & LDAP Integration Optional Upgrade with Bioscrypt VeriSoft Access Manager [VSAM]*)    Event Logging and Auditing (with Bioscrypt VeriSoft Access Manager Upgrade*)

Comodo™ PC Security Suite (http://www. clipbio. com/comodo. htm)    Comodo Anti-Virus Free for Life    Comodo Anti-Spam Free for Life    Comodo Personal Firewall Free for Life    Comodo Website Verification Engine - Eliminates Website "Spoofing"

BioCert® DataLokR™ Bundle - $149.90 Complete

Includes all items in the PCLokR™ Bundle - and - BioCert® ClipBio™ Pro 1GB Portable Fingerprint Flash Drive    Portable secure biometric flash drive with 128bit AES encryption    iQBioSync™ Portable Synchronization Software (http://www. clipbio. com/iqbiosync. htm)    PC File and Folder Synchronization with Secure Files Directory from the PCLokR Bundle on the PC and the Secure Directory on the ClipBio Pro    Synchronization for Multiple PCs or between laptop and desktop PC    Microsoft Outlook Synchronization and Secure Browsing    Send and Receive Emails Securely from Any PC†    Firefox and Internet Explorer Favorites Synchronization Full Portable Applications Suite    Portable Open Office. org - Document Creation Office Suite    Portable Anti-Virus    Portable Firefox Web Browser    Portable Thunderbird Email Client‡    Portable IM Client    Portable Image Editor    Portable Application Launcher    Portable Sudoku Game Application

ASG and Authentec jointly announced as part of this release that they are working together collaboratively to design, produce and distribute through ASG's channels, secure biometric solutions targeted specifically at the home and small business consumer utilizing the Authentec industry leading swipe fingerprint sensors.

As a part of this same agreement, ASG and Precise Biometrics both announced ASG as an authorized distributor for Precise Biometrics line of secure biometric and Match-on-Card peripherals through ASG's developed channels.

"Precise Biometrics recognizes that the e-security needs of the small business are often more complex and demanding than that of the large corporations. Because small businesses employ fewer people and have limited IT resources, confidential information and intellectual property is more consolidated, making this information more vulnerable to unauthorized access. Combining the powerful BioCert solution being offered by ASG and the strong biometric security of Precise Biometrics fingerprint reader, Precise 100 XS, the small business professional can now operate with confidence - in the office or on the road," said Thomas Marschall, President and CEO of Precise Biometrics.

ASG and Bioscrypt jointly announced that ASG is an authorized value added reseller (VAR) of the Verisoft Access Manager to be supported directly through ASG and its network of solutions providers.

"For business customers running Microsoft Server operating systems, the combination of the BioCert® BIIM Desktop Software and Bioscrypt's VeriSoft Access Manager* enterprise software with its integration with Microsoft Active Directory is an extremely powerful enterprise security management solution." said Peter Morgan, Divisional Vice President of Bioscrypt, Inc. "Not only will these organizations be security compliance enabled and have complete logging of the client access on their network, they will have a single interface for managing all of the users on their network through Microsoft's Active Directory control panel. We are excited about the opportunity to work with ASG in its focus on the small and medium business sector."

As the Internets second largest certification authority for ensuring identity, Comodo Group offers a wide range of security solutions including the PC Security Components of the PCLokR bundle. The distribution of these products with the PCLokR and DataLokR bundles is a continuation of the collaboration between ASG and Comodo that was announced earlier this year.

Both of the BioCert® PCLokR™ ($49.95) and DataLokR™ ($149.90) Security Bundles are immediately available directly through the company's websites and on the Amazon. com marketplace through a partnership between ASG and Amazon. com.

About ASG - Artemis Solutions Group d/b/a iQBio (Intelligent Biometric Solutions) is a closely held, private security firm specializing in fingerprint biometric and smart card security solutions. With offices in the United States, European Union, and Canada, iQBio sells directly and through its global network of resellers and system integrators best of breed biometric and smart card security systems to small & medium business and local government agencies throughout the world. BioCert® and iQBio, "Unlock the Power of Your Print". More information is available at Artemis Solutions Group Website (http://www. artemis-usa. com) , iQBio USA Website (http://www. iqbio. com) or iQBio EU Website (http://www. iqbio. eu).

About Authentec - With more than 10 million sensors in use worldwide, AuthenTec is the world leader in fingerprint sensor security, innovation and sales to the PC, wireless, and access control markets. AuthenTec's award-winning FingerLoc® and EntréPad® sensors take full advantage of The Power of Touch" by utilizing the company's patented TruePrint® technology to deliver the most convenient, reliable and cost-effective means available for enabling touch-powered features that extend beyond user authentication. Visit the Authentec Website (http://www. authentec. com)

About Bioscrypt - Bioscrypt Inc. is a leader in identity verification technologies, providing solutions for converged physical and logical access, enabling unified authentication from Door to Desktop®. Bioscrypt's offerings simplify the task of implementing secure access to facilities, equipment and IT networks. The company develops and sells biometric embedded solutions, access control readers and identity and access management software to protect the physical and network assets of international government agencies and leading organizations in the financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. More information is available at the Bioscrypt Website (http://www. Bioscrypt. com).

About Comodo - Comodo is a leading global provider of Identity and Trust Assurance services on the Internet, with over 200,000 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ with global offices in the U. S., UK, Ukraine and India, the company offers businesses and consumers the intelligent security, authentication and assurance services necessary to ensure trust in online transactions. For additional information on Comodo - Creating Trust Online™ - please visit the Comodo Group Website (http://www. comodo. com)

About Precise Biometrics - Precise Biometrics develops and supplies world-leading and user-friendly biometric security solutions for authentication using fingerprints. Precise Biometrics has a broad and flexible product line that provides tools that fit any application. Precise Biometrics core technology, Precise BioMatch™, is the foundation for all the fingerprint authentication solutions, and the cutting-edge Precise Match-on-Card™ technology - rapidly becoming a global standard for fingerprint solutions on smart cards. Please visit the Precise Biometrics Website (http://www. precisebiometrics. com)

There is an additional cost for the optional VSAM Server Edition by number of users with a minimum of 10 users and enterprise installation, training support and maintenance is available for an additional fee.

† For usage of the ClipBio Pro on a PC without admin or power user rights under Windows XP see The ClipBio FAQ Website (http://www. clipbio. com/faq. htm)

‡ A POP or SMTP email account or POP access to your MS Exchange server is required to use this feature.