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TechTell™ Provides 24x7 Monitoring Services for Microsoft Exchange

TechTell™ Provides 24x7 Monitoring Services for Microsoft Exchange

Increase the value of your organizationÂ’s Microsoft Exchange investment and software management tools with performance and fault management monitoring.

Elma, WA (PRWEB) September 8, 2005

Microsoft Exchange is the leading communications and collaboration platform for todayÂ’s most critical business application; email. For enterprise and government organizations of all sizes and geographic locations, email functionality continues to be the single most valuable source of daily productivity; availability, reliability, and security are essential.

Enhanced features in Exchange Server 2003 in contrast to 2000 allow organizations to increase monitoring capabilities, but are still limited and nascent. The most notable monitoring solution is MicrosoftÂ’s Operations Manager (MOM), a software tool that monitors and identifies IT problems such as latency delivery problems and downtime with Exchange. The complexity organizations face with MOM, are two fold; it is an expensive initial investment ($75k+/-) that can be circumvented with an outsourced monitoring solution, and if utilized it is an additional layer that requires a dedicated staff to monitor. Organizations can circumvent the capital investment requirements with MOM software, or maximize their MOM investment by employing an outsourced monitoring service to maintain maximum uptime.

TechTell, an established and leading provider of outsourced best-of-quality element network monitoring solutions now provides 24x7 monitoring of Microsoft Exchange. This allows organizations a resolution to dedicated internal monitoring. Monthly service plans for Exchange monitoring start at just $49.99 in addition to a nominal set-up fee and a TechTell M2600 hardware appliance.

“Microsoft Exchange has come a long way with the ability to monitor itself, but as with most businesses, I need to know that when people outside our organization send us email we are going to get it! TechTell’s email monitoring service of our Exchange Servers makes that a reality.”

Grays Harbor Public Utility District (Aberdeen, WA)

TechTellÂ’s proprietary hardware, software and service solution is effective in monitoring 24x7 pre-determined event and performance thresholds that include the following Exchange components and services.

Services Monitored

• Mail Flow Verification

• Client Logon Verification

• Outlook Web Access Logon Verification

• Server Health Monitoring

• Mail Queue Length Monitoring

• Exchange-Specific Disk Capacity

• Services Monitoring

• Rapid Alerts to Problems

• Monitoring Exchange Clusters

Components Monitored

• Directory Service Access

• Information Store service

• Extensible Storage Engine Service

• Message transfer agent

• Exchange Clustering




TechTellÂ’s service is an ideal tool for organizations that are seeking an end-to-end comprehensive monitoring solution that is reliable, secure, and scalable.

About TechTell™

TechTell™, a Seattle region company in Elma Washington, is an established and leading provider of outsourced end-to-end element network monitoring solutions.

Founded in 2002, TechTellÂ’s mission is to provide network monitoring solutions for private and public organizations seeking to employ best-of-class quality outsourced network monitoring services. Our philosophy is to partner with our clients to help them achieve maximum value from their IT investments with a client tailored network monitoring solution.