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Intuita Launches New On-Line Learning Institute

Intuita Launches New On-Line Learning Institute

Intuita's new On-Line Learning Institute turns your desktop at work or at home into a classroom with top quality training programs for business, career development, technology and personal development. This adds to our classroom delivered Innovation Training Program for business.

(PRWEB) July 18, 2004

The old nursery rhyme, "No more pencils, no more books....." has become a reality. Also no more classrooms, course schedules, driving to class or waiting in line to enroll. The classroom is now contained in a browser on your computer, whether you are learning at work or learning on your home desktop.

Arupa Tesolin, Principal of Intuita Training, a Mississauga, Ontario based learning company, announced today that Intuita has established a complete on-line training facility. The Intuita On-Line Learning Institute now offers training programs for both companies and individuals who want to upgrade their skills to compete for jobs or to develop their career. Courses are economical, provide a high value business grade learning experience and complement Intuita's classroom-delivered Innovation Training Programs.

Companies now have access to a virtual training department with the same quality of learning as large companies at a fraction of the cost.

This extends an existing business partnership with Ray Miller, President of CanTrain Development Corporation, a Canadian company, and the provider of the learning system known as CanTrainOnline. Through Intuita, CanTrain offers a unique eLearning solution with an extensive inventory of generic top quality training systems and content that Companies can securely deploy to manage their web-based and blended learning and assessment requirements.

Of the 250 Course Modules now available, most are bundled into learning packages. Included is a Management Development System and an Employee Development System suitable for all aspiring employees and supervisors, a Business Basics program for business owners and managers, Health & Safety, Technology Training, HR, Legal, and Employee Relations, and modules in Service Quality, Performance, Productivity, Interpersonal Skills, Sales & Marketing, Project Management, Contracts, Teams, Communication, Quality Management, and more. The Technology training covers the same content taught in classroom certification programs.

Says Arupa, "Small and medium-sized businesses now have a training institute of the same calibre as those of large businesses without the high cost, time and administration. Individual business owners can now upgrade their skills on demand. Handy checklists and downloadable job aids help to apply the learning into real time results. Programs are also handy for decentralized or remote workforces and overseas companies who do business within a North American business culture."

"What is also great about the On-Line Institute is that it's not limited to business users. It offers many benefits to people who need access to training for better employment and career opportunities, including students, immigrants, people who live in remote areas, and amibitious self-learners who want to develop themselves beyond their current job. Executives, teachers and retirees can now quietly improve their technology skills at home."

For course details and prices visit the web-site www. intuita. com

Arupa Tesolin, Founder, Intuita

905.271.7272, www. intuita. com


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Arupa is the founder of a Mississauga, Ont. based learning company that offers corporate workshops and executive coaching in innovation and management skills. She is the creator of "The Intuita 3-MINUTE SOLUTIONS" for INTUITIVE THINKING, INNOVATION, VISIONING, & STRESS and the recognized author of numerous international articles on intuitive intelligence and business innovation, a speaker and seminar leader.