Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Complete Medical Billing Informs Clients of Stimulus Package

Complete Medical Billing Informs Clients of Stimulus Package

Government Stimulus For Qualifying Physicians Used to Stimulate the Utilization of Electronic Medical Records

Phoenix, Az (PRWEB) October 8, 2009

Complete Medical Billing, discount provider of leading medical billing software such as Medisoft (http://www. completemedicalbilling. com/site/products/ndcMedisoft. aspx) and Lytec (http://www. completemedicalbilling. com/site/products/ndcLytec. aspx), has created a web page for the sole purpose of informing current and potential clients about the government stimulus package that will take effect January of 2011. The stimulus package was designed to serve as an incentive for those qualifying doctors and their place of business to employ medical software with the intent of reducing healthcare costs.

It is believed that by accelerating the use of IT to improve quality, safety, and efficiency healthcare costs can be lowered and therefore more widely available. Ultimately, patients and caregivers will benefit from the automation and connectivity enabled by electronic medical records (EHRs) because more affordable healthcare translates into more patients.

The web page Complete Medical Billing has dedicated to this important issue regarding medical billing software (http://www. completemedicalbilling. com/emr/stimulus. aspx) gives informative notes on criteria, time frame, and amounts regarding the funds that will be distributed. Three qualifications listed are:

1.) Demonstrating 'meaningful use' - required product capabilities are likely to be electronic prescribing, clinical reporting, and interoperability.
2.) Use a certified EMR - Many industry experts believe that certification will be based on the standards adopted by the Certification Committee for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT).
3.) Must be a qualified provider - Office-based physicians must qualify under either the Medicare or Medicaid provision - they can not collect incentive payments from both.

At the bottom of the web page is a link to another document that gives a more detailed outline of frequently asked questions. Among these are the maximum amounts that will be distributed, what penalties will take place, and a more comprehensive list of who qualifies.

Complete Medical Billing provides individual and bundled medical billing software programs that serve the managerial responsibilities in any medical practice. With a wide variety of programs available and the necessary training and technical support offered, no task is left undone saving time and money for both patient and staff. For more information, please contact Lance Foster at 888-777-9949.