Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ENSELE Provides Support & Guidance in Health, Wealth and Personal Relationships

ENSELE Provides Support & Guidance in Health, Wealth and Personal Relationships

ENSELE launches new online application to chart your success through mathematical equations.

Calabasas, CA (Vocus) August 12, 2010

ENSELE Consulting Enterprises, LTD has launched a new online application that revolutionizes the way individuals and companies gain support & guidance. This unique application combines ancient mathematical calculations by combining the birth date of the individual or the incorporation date of a company, to the current date and time, resulting in tangible and accurate results.

Timing is everything. Through ENSELE people and companies can save time, energy and money by making better decisions that pertain to their business and personal goals. Everything is made up of energy and we can accurately measure energy and cycles through this calculation. "ENSELE works better than astrology (http://www. ensele. com/index. html)." remarks actor, Joshua Carmichael.

ENSELE, established in 1996 as a company to offer Advanced Feng Shui to individuals and corporations. After having established many clients such as HSBC, Coldwell Banker and The Elysian Hotel and Private Residences. The company began expanding services from improving energy environment to people. This is when it was discovered that Advanced Feng Shui (http://www. ensele. com/index. html) (not what is available in books), name analysis, numerology and personal forecasting had the same mathematical formula. ENSELE’s discovery led to a revolutionary way to gain wisdom. It’s very helpful in making tough decisions and through ENSELE’s membership, one can gain unlimited access to insights and advice (http://www. ensele. com/index. html).

“Sometimes you just need a little guidance.” says Elysian’s CEO, David Pisor.

The company’s objective is “to support people and businesses in areas of health, wealth and personal relationships” whether to an environment or one personally.

Have you ever wondered why on some days things seem to be going smoothly or flowing your way, and other days you feel like your swimming upstream? This is not by accident. By understanding the energetic patterns and cycle and how it relates to you, ENSELE offers a modern life practice to help people make decisions according to their best time and cycle.

ENSELE opened a blog for users to post their experiences. When is the best time to get married, try having a baby, asking the girl out on a date so she will say yes, resolving conflict, getting the most out of marketing, when to sell or buy a home, invest or gamble. Or ENSELE can help you decide when to start a new diet or healthy habits, hire someone, when to start a business or ask for a favor. These are just a few of the many ways ENSELE has been able to help companies and individuals. Our youngest users is only 13 years old. “It’s helpful to know in advance when I may be feeling withdrawn or moody” says TK. “I know how to be better prepared for what’s coming and true I cannot always be in control of when, but knowing ahead really helps me deal with the outcome and manage my expectations.

There is nothing to believe, just try it and see for yourself with ENSELE (http://www. ensele. com/index. html).