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AP9 SimplyYou Suggests Tips for Pampering This Year

AP9 SimplyYou Suggests Tips for Pampering This Year

AP9 Simply You starts a new year with suggestions that are all about "you."

Norwalk, CT (PRWEB) January 15, 2007

Don't know what to do when you feel tired or a little down? AP9 SimplyYou (http://www. simplyyou-program. com/), a membership program that offers thousands of discounts on health, fitness and beauty products, offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC, is here to share a list of activities that will surely bring back smiles, revitalize hearts, and re-energize bodies.

Take advantage of the New Year and write down not only career and family related resolutions, but also resolutions about personal gratification, suggests AP9 Simply You. There are many ways to reduce stress, increase energy, and feel better about life in general. For the type of people who need alone time to recover from a stressful week, bubble baths, naps, scrap-booking, baking and shopping are nice options. On the other hand, if they are the type of people who like to be active, activities like yoga, Pilates and general exercise routines can be as good for the soul as they are for the body.

AP9 SimplyYou offers members discounts on health-related and beauty items and treatments to be used for pampering this by logging on to The following are places and activities AP9 SimplyYou (http://www. simplyyou-program. com/) suggests to take advantage of in 2007:

-- Visit a spa, it feels great when all the attention is about "Moi." Get a massage and a pedicure. When your feet feel good, you feel good all over. Treat yourself to a natural body or facial scrub; combine it with a full body massage and a new you will be re-born.

-- Revive your senses. Treat yourself to some fresh flowers. Keep them on your desk at work or on your nightstand at home. Light scented candles. The odors released by scented candles will have an impact on how you feel. Use vanilla or lilac body sprays, they will add that special touch after a nice shower or bath. Indulge yourself by eating a favorite dessert or preparing a favorite meal - don't forget to savor each and every morsel. Take a long walk, breath deeply, look around and enjoy the rejuvenating sights and smells of the outdoors.

-- Schedule a "Me Day." Plan a day where you do some of the things you dream about doing. Browse through local stores for a special treat. Take a nap in your backyard hammock. Catch an afternoon matinee. Go to a local department store and get a free makeover at the make-up counter.

-- Connect with your inner self and with others. Connect with an old friend - take a walk together, make an unscheduled phone call or send a letter or e-mail just to chat. Join a yoga class, reading group, or go to special place where you can connect with your inner self. Consider helping a friend who is stressed by putting together a "pampering" gift basket. You'll be doing something nice for a pal and for your soul.

Pampering is critical for a healthy mind, healthy body, and most importantly a healthy spirit. Taking the time to recover the energy spent during the week can make a big difference in one's life, concludes AP9 Simply You.

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