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Chief Scientific Officer Lorne Caplan, of Pheromone and Aphrodisiac Company, Master & Mistress, Creates First Ever Individualized Pheromone Fragrance

Chief Scientific Officer Lorne Caplan, of Pheromone and Aphrodisiac Company, Master & Mistress, Creates First Ever Individualized Pheromone Fragrance

While there are numerous fragrances and pheromone additives that are dubious and limited in how they perform, Lorne Caplan, Chief Scientific Officer of pheromone and aphrodisiac products company Master & Mistress, will be introducing an individualized pheromone and aphrodisiac product and service at the upcoming International Anti-aging Show in Toronto, Canada. Simultaneously, The Company will be unveiling a clinical research program to ascertain the level of improvement pheromones and aphrodisiacs have on mild cases of anxiety, depression, athletic performance and sales success.

New Rochelle, NY (PRWEB) September 14, 2010

With clients and suppliers pursuing Mr. Caplan to evaluate and study the affects of pheromones and aphrodisiacs, initial examinations of sport teams, sales groups and those suffering from anxiety and depression disorders found that a majority of individuals experienced a marked improvement in their performance and mood*. This preliminary information spurred on more specific studies with regard to the proprietary pheromone and aphrodisiac formulation that Master & Mistress offers to it's clients.

Although misinformation abounds about pheromones and aphrodisiacs, significant research and progress has been made in determining how and why they work and what they actually do for you and your love interest (new or old). Lorne Caplan, Chief Scientific Officer of Master & Mistress Pheromone and Aphrodisiac Products Company http://www. mastermistress. com (http://www. mastermistress. com) has been able to further differentiate the benefits of these scent stimulaters and introduce the first pheromone fragrance that is made with an individuals specific imprint. An individualized romance and passion potion designed specifically with that persons pheromones and top-notes to influence the wearer and those around her.

The last frontier of hormone and mood modulaters, that being scent, is the primary delivery system for these leading edge confidence and self-esteem builders. Essentially, when a person wears active human pheromones, the individual feels different, better, more confident. A feeling happens in more than simply a fleeting moment of time, it can and does change the hormone balance that sets our physiology in motion. These chemical messengers are what make us "feel". What are often referred to as feel good hormones, such as dopamine, serotonin, vasopressin and even the "hugging" hormone oxytocin, can all be influenced by scent. What we know as aphrodisiacs, ingested or scented items that "arouse or intensify sexual desire" have been around for thousands of years. Questions and effectiveness abound, but there is no question that properly extracted and standardized scents like amber, sandalwood, vanilla and specific florals do indeed have that type of effect. What we understand as romance, love, passion, desire or similar feeling are brought out of us with these scents and the pheromones that are carried within them.

To make the Master & Mistress dream of providing each individual with their very own pheromone and aphrodisiac fragrance, Mr. Caplan worked with various labs to determine if and how this can be done, extracting the signature of each individuals pheromone palette and injecting a unique set of top-notes to give the wearer the confidence, attitude and self-esteem that would reduce their own inhibitions and attract the romance, passion and intimacy that they so well deserve. An initial interview with each individual establishes specific parameters, health and lifestyle details to help develop the Individual Master or Mistress Pheromone and romance quotient unique to the individual.

Mr. Caplan's background has been in the anti-aging, skincare and cosmetics industry where he has created numerous commercial products, presented and educated at various trade and consumer events and has over the past two decades been active in the romance passion and intimacy industry as a proponent for supporting relationships, courtship in singles and partnerships. As a researcher in hormone therapy for anti-aging applications, Mr. Caplan continuously noticed how individuals that were suffering mild depression, anxiety or marginal performance in sports or in personal relationships, saw their conditions almost immediately improve after applying a proprietary solution of pheromones and aphrodisiac top-notes. By taking random samples of individuals, he also noticed how their own surface cocktail of pheromones (on their skin) were different from each other. This suggested that an individual code to improve each specific individual was available and should profoundly improve the wearers confidence level if worn in greater concentrations.

Victor Goth, LLC is the parent company of the Master & Mistress brand. Master & Mistress is a company focused on introducing personal pleasure products to improve relationships by introducing what has long been missing in our fast paced modern world; romance, sophistication, sensuality, mystery and passion. With promotional products such as masquerade masks worn by the Master & Mistress, the Mistress’ feather fan, original signed poster art by Camille Kuo, (the artist who created the rich imagery and illustrations that make up the Master & Mistress product line) and other trade tie-ins, Master & Mistress brand reflects a serious commitment to promotional programs for supporting it’s distributors and retailers. Master & Mistress also offers a newsletter on developing Romance strategies, pheromone innovations, events and news items for the Romance industry. To sign up, simply visit http://www. mastermistress. com (http://www. mastermistress. com) and click on Contact. Victor Goth, LLC is located at 24 Lindstrom rd, in Stamford, Connecticut and the direct number of 914-355-4532. Or contact Joel Hale at 917-881-5613 or at info@mastermistress. com for more information. *Research is available upon request.