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Workplace Management Stories

Workplace Management Stories

We would be happy to offer our expertise on workplace-related stories on topics such as Leadership, The New Workforce, and Current Trends.

(PRWEB) January 9, 2002


 Never was leadership in HR more critical to corporate survival. The Executive Team is looking to you for the right Talent to see them through these tough times, and for measurable bottom-line results. But how do you do all this in a weakened economy? Focus, strategy, and innovation are how.

 How to avoid the “skills gap” that seems to be cropping up everywhere.

 Compare your leadership behavior to that of some of our more successful Clients who have managed to keep their companies out of the “Danger Zone.”

The New Workforce

 Traditionalists, Gen Xers, Gen Yers, Baby Boomers. What does this highly diverse New Workforce mean to your company?

 Exit strategies – temporary work, a rapidly growing alternative for employment.

 Worried about becoming a “temporary employee”? No problem – the stigma is long gone.

 Temporary to “permanent”: a great way to avoid “culture clash.”

Current Trends

 There are more women entering the workforce than ever before. What are they looking for to stay motivated? (Since 1950, the number of women working outside the home has increased by 27%.)

 How demographic and psychographic changes are affecting the workplace.

 Americans are working longer, but how has that changed our career goals and job requirements? (In 2000, 12.8% of people over 65 worked--more than any time since 1979)

Advantage has a staff of highly-trained professionals, many of whom can offer authoritative, incisive interviews on a variety of workplace/workforce issues. At our helm is CEO and founder, Catherine C. Candland, a recognized industry leader and expert on Talent-related subjects and human capital management. Her vision for the future of work and how it relates to return on investment has propelled Advantage Human Resourcing®, to become one of the largest woman-owned companies in the country. Her views on the future of work would be fascinating to your readers.

About Advantage Human Resourcing®

Advantage Human Resourcing is a leading provider of professional and support-level Talent and related management services, including:

 Advantage Search, for Direct Hire

 Advantage Placement, for Temp-to-hire placements, and

 Advantage Assignment, for temporary or variable Talent needs.

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Advantage provides Clients with Talent for administrative, creative, customer service, financial and accounting, human resources, information technology, legal, and sales and marketing positions.

Based on feedback, we achieve the fastest time-to-contribution in the industry through:

 A proactive and effective assessment of Client needs.

 Attraction of candidates through innovative applications of Web-based and traditional recruitment methods.

 Effective screening and placement of candidates with respect to three dimensions: Can Do, Will Do, Will Fit.

 A diverse and readily available Talent community of “job ready” Associates.

Founded in 1983 and privately owned by founder, Catherine C. Candland, Advantage provides value-driven Talent solutions and services to corporations, government agencies, health and educational organizations.

For more information, please visit our web site at www. advhr. com.