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UK Government backs Comodo Secure Computing initiatives

UK Government backs Comodo Secure Computing initiatives

Comodo awarded with an Exceptional Development Grant by the UK Government to help in the capture of a significant share of the Trusted Platform Module market..

London UK (PRWEB) June 13, 2004

Comodo, recognized globally as a leading provider of innovative security products and services, specifically for the areas of cryptography, digital certification and advanced ASIC design, has been awarded an Exceptional Grant Award by the UK Government. Comodo along with IBM, HP, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Intel, AMD and others form the Trusted Computing Group, a consortium which exists to develop and promote open standards for hardware-enabled trusted computing and security technologies. Comodo chairs the Trusted Input work group within TCG focusing on setting the future architecture and standards for trusted Input Devices. Following this award the knowledge and expertise of the Comodo research group will now be channeled into the development of the next generation of Trusted Platform Module (TPM) providing a multifunctional device aimed specifically at the notebook market. This new device will feature a fully patented AntiTheft protection system together with many other security features demanded by the mobile PC market. TPMs are already shipping in volume from IBM, HP and Fujitsu, with adoption rates increasing fast to meet the demand for secure computing.

"The UK Government recognises that Research & Development investment is critical to the future success of the e-economy. With the award of this exceptional grant to Comodo, it clearly emphasises the importance of security." commented Stephen Timms, the UK Minister of State for E-Commerce.

"Government acknowledgement of the expertise that we have in security innovation and integration is extremely welcome at a time when security is such a frontline topic across all sectors of the market," commented Steve Roylance, Technical marketing Director for Comodo, "The need for enterprises to provide a trusted computing platform to employees has increased dramatically in recent months as the existing software only solutions are proven to be vulnerable to physical and software attack. In providing an innovative integrated solution for the portable PC sector of the market we will be able to service the most critical enterprise user - the mobile user".

The growing use of mobile phones, PCs and portable computing devices for private and e-commerce transactions presents an increased risk in the protection and management of personal and commercial data. Allied to this is the increased reuse of stolen equipment through reprogramming techniques. New ways have been developed to break the current range of security systems to the extent that no barriers exist to those dedicated criminals who will then use the data to perpetrate fraud, misuse of the data or reuse of the stolen equipment. Building upon the foundation of the work done by the Trusted Computing Group and version 1.2 of the TPM specification Comodo will focus R&D effort to create a hybrid multifunctional device using best of breed hardware and software components together with their own patented security technology to provide a world class differentiator for the OEM mobile PC market. The TPM concept is expected to be used in the majority of new computers within the next few years, based on TCG specifications; it allows validation of both the computer and its user, and provides secure storage for critical data and passwords. It can verify that a 'trusted process' should run, and establish 'trusted relationships' with other computers to reduce opportunities for viruses and other attacks.

About Comodo

Comodo is an industry leading provider of information security, management and communication technologies - creating innovative and practical solutions for the SMB, enterprise, home, e-commerce, education, healthcare and governmental markets. Through its Infrastructure Solutions product line, the company endows its customers with a competitive advantage with a superior suite of enterprise security, networking and productivity solutions covering perimeter security, VPN, Mail and LAN. Other core technologies include intrusion detection, SSL certificates, content filtering, end-point security and access management - completing a portfolio of solutions that comprise the industry's best combination of security, performance, intuitive interface and value.

Comodo is the worldÂ’s fastest growing provider of critical infrastructure solutions and can be reached at (US) +1 800 772 5185  (Europe) +44 (0) 161 874 7070

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About the Trusted Computing Group

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) is a not-for-profit organization - of which Comodo is one of the initial members - which exists to develop and promote open standards for hardware-enabled trusted computing and security technologies, including hardware building blocks and software interfaces, across multiple platforms, peripherals and devices. Its primary goal is to help users protect their information assets such as data, passwords and keys from compromise due to software attack and physical theft.

The Group was formed as a successor to the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA), which was founded in 1999 by Compaq, HP, IBM, Intel and Microsoft. TCG has adopted the existing TCPA specifications, including the Main (TPM 1.1) specification, and PC Specific Implementation specification. A TSS (TCG Software Stack) specification was announced on September 15, 2003, and the TPM 1.2 specification on November 5, 2003. Work groups have been formed for server, PDA, Trusted Input and digital phone implementation specifications.

Further information is available at www. trustedcomputinggroup. org