Saturday, March 12, 2011

SEO Firm Launches Free Reprint Article Directory for Webmasters/Ezine Publishers

SEO Firm Launches Free Reprint Article Directory for Webmasters/Ezine Publishers

A new online article directory allows webmasters to find content for their websites and electronic newsletters. It also offers a place for writers and webmasters to publish their articles with links back to their websites.

Corona, NY (PRWEB) December 30, 2005

“Article marketing is in,” said Donald Nelson as he announced the launch of a new article directory, featuring free content for webmasters and ezine publishers.

Nelson, the head of the SEO Firm, A1-Optimization. com, http://www. a1-optimization. com (http://www. a1-optimization. com), said that, “good content and lots of incoming links from quality sites is the key to search engine positioning in today’s market," and added that his firm’s new directory, located at http://www. a1-optimization. com/articles (http://www. a1-optimization. com/articles), helps webmasters get the content they need and also provides them with a chance to get links to their website.

“It’s very simple,” he explained, “a webmaster who needs content can go to our directory and pick out articles in a variety of categories ranging from online business and web development to health, self-improvement and family issues.” These articles may be reproduced on any website, in electronic newsletters and even in print media as long as the author’s information, which typically includes a link to the author’s website, is kept intact.

The directory is designed to solve the problem of content hungry webmasters and ezine publishers who do not have the time to write their own articles.

The article directory also serves the interests of anyone trying to publicize a website. All they have to do is write an article related to their field of activity and add it to the article directory. If their article is published on another website they reap the benefit of a link to their website, which helps them in search engine rankings as well as by bringing additional traffic to their site.

“The benefit that a publisher gets from having his or her article appear on another website or in an ezine far exceeds the numerical importance of how many visits it brings or how it helps a site’s search engine position,” explained Nelson. He said that the most important aspect of article marketing is that it brings recognition to the writer, giving her a kind of “expert” status which is something that “money can’t buy.”

Nelson, whose own articles have been widely published on the Internet, hopes that the directory will give new writers a platform to launch their writing careers.

Visit A1-Optimization’s main page at http://www. a1-optimization. com (http://www. a1-optimization. com) and the article directory at http://www. a1-optimization. com/articles (http://www. a1-optimization. com/articles) for more information.