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Study Finds Gene Variation Drives Effectiveness of Chromium Picolinate on Body Composition and Weight Loss

Study Finds Gene Variation Drives Effectiveness of Chromium Picolinate on Body Composition and Weight Loss

Groundbreaking nutrigenetic study from Wake Forest University School of Medicine and Salugen, Inc. is first to find DRD2 gene influences efficacy of leading chromium nutritional supplement.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) August 29, 2007

Salugen (www. salugen. com), a leading personalized health and wellness company, announced today study results examining the importance of testing for the dopamine D2 receptor (DRD2) gene as an indicator of chromium picolinate treatment outcomes. Salugen's core technology platform involves nutrigenetic testing and nutrigenomics solutions. This core technology is behind its portfolio of DNA-customized nutritional products including GenoTrim (www. GenoTrim. com), SpaGen (www. SpaGen. com), and other products. Published in Gene Therapy and Molecular Biology, this groundbreaking nutrigenetic study demonstrates the importance of performing a genetic test and then customizing nutritional supplements for weight loss.

In this double-blinded, placebo-controlled study "Chromium Picolinate (CrP) a Putative anti-obesity nutrient induces changes in body composition as a function of the Taq 1 dopamine D2 receptor polymorphisms" 122 Caucasian subjects (17 men and 105 women; mean age 42.3 years) completed the study to evaluate the affect of the dopamine D2 receptor gene on the effectiveness of chromium picolinate on weight and body composition. All 122 subjects were genotyped for this gene variation and received a DEXA analysis which indicated body composition make up including lean tissue mass, fat, and bone mineral density. Half the group was given chromium picolinate (400 micrograms) and the other half a placebo. Daily the subjects recorded the number of steps taken and the caloric intake and weekly obtained a scale weight. The study indicated that prior to analyzing the genetic information (baseline) there was no statistical difference between the two groups. However, there was statistical significance in all of the weight and fat measures in the group that received chromium picolinate who carried the normal DRD2A2 allele, including change in fat weight (p < 0.041), change in body weight (p < 0.017), percent change in weight (p < 0.044), and body weight change in kilograms (p < 0.012), whereas no significance was found for any parameter in those subjects possessing a drd2 a1 allele. this suggests a possible explanation for some negative findings related to crp supplementation and indicates the importance of genotyping individuals prior to supplementation.

"Weight loss may be the least expensive, longest lasting and overall beneficial therapy for creating wellness, extending life, and improving your appearance. Comprehensive medical weight management programs are recognized by obesity experts throughout the world as the safest, longest lasting, and most effective method for weight control. This type of double-blinded, placebo-controlled study in genetics and nutrition is an important contribution to the field of genetic weight management," states Dr. M. J. Hajianpour, MD, PhD, FACMG, a Board-certified physician in Clinical Genetics and Clinical Cytogenetics by the American Board of Medical Genetics. He is the founding fellow of American College of Medical Genetics (www. acmg. net).

Dr. Kenneth Blum, a lead investigator in the study stated, "The cause for obesity is heterogeneous including factors present in the brain's reward circuitry. Because the DRD2A1 allele is associated with many parameters affecting weight including excess calorie intake, the presence of the allele will mask the positive effects of chromium picolinate. To overcome this genetic predisposition, we have demonstrated that including amino acid precursors or neurotransmitter synthesis promoters such as those included in the supplement GenoTrim will reduce cravings and, we predict, will improve the outcome of chromium picolinate in a broader population." Dr. Blum is a researcher at Wake Forest University School of Medicine and the Chief Scientific Officer of Salugen, Inc.
Chromium Picolinate used in the study was Chromax (www. chromax. com), an ingredient offered by Nutrition21 (NASDAQ: NXXI) of Purchase, New York (www. The combination of chromium moieties with amino acid precursors or natural neurotransmitter synthesis promoters is protected by numerous U. S. patents exclusively licensed to Salugen, Inc.

About GenoTrim
GenoTrim is a DNA-customized nutritional solution for weight management. Based upon an analysis of five important genes effecting weight, GenoTrim ingredients and dosages are genetically-guided to address the underlying genetic factors involved in hormones and metabolism that Harvard Medical Experts suggest influence 70% to 80% of overweight cases. By addressing genetic factors that make individuals prone to weight problems, GenoTrim has demonstrated in studies to help reduce weight, appetite, sugar cravings, snacking, and late-night eating, as well as help support improved sleep, mood, and energy levels which results in sustainable weight loss. For more information on GenoTrim, please visit www. genotrim. com.

About Salugen
Salugen Inc. a leading personalized health and wellness company engages in the discovery, development and commercialization of patent-protected genetic tests and companion DNA-customized therapeutics worldwide. With over 30 years of research conducted on the genetic causes and pharmacology of many heathcare concerns, Salugen is a pioneer and leader in delivering personalized medicine. Currently the Company commercializes nutrigenomic technologies where genetic analysis guides the formulation and delivery of nutritional solutions that are customized to the individual. The company has headquarters in San Diego, CA, with its high-complexity CLIA-certified laboratory services in Los Angeles, CA. For additional information about the company, please visit http://www. salugen. com (http://www. salugen. com).