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Have mat. Will travel - this time for good vibes. Los Angeles, California based Health Habitravels Retreats and Journeys heads to Joshua Tree, California the weekend of October 15-18 for an ecclectic Desert Vibes Retreat

Have mat. Will travel - this time for good vibes. Los Angeles, California based Health Habitravels Retreats and Journeys heads to Joshua Tree, California the weekend of October 15-18 for an ecclectic Desert Vibes Retreat.

"Vibes" is Health Habitravels 6th retreat since founder Tannis Kobrinsky, a Los Angeles based Pilates/GYROKINESIS (r) teacher, led HHT's inaugural New Mexican Sojourn in July, 2003. In little over a year Tannis has conducted weekend California retreats in Cambria and Ojai, and longer journeys to Costa Rica, Peru and Bolivia. Vibes is the last offering on HHT's 2004 schedule, and for anyone into hiking desert-scapes, healing through sound and daily Pilates and yoga practice, this weekend shouldn't be missed.

(PRWEB) September 10, 2004

Tannis, a “people person” and veteran movement educator, with an adventurous spirit, inquiring mind and active body, created Health Habitravels in 2003 to integrate a variety pack of mind-body practices into restorative travels. Integrate daily mind-body practices, not only yoga, but also Pilates™ mat, water moves, and GYROKINESIS® (a meld of Qi Gong, Kundalini Yoga, and dance) into international eco-adventures – sacred journeys – cultural explorations & retreats, and you have Health Habitravels.

These are not yoga retreats designed for "yoga-heads. Don't expect to spend all day holding a pose and meditating. Do expect daily practice, but you'll be out of the studio more than in it. These are transforming retreats and and soft-adventures to amazing natural habitats and intriguing places that inquire into the peoples, histories and cultures of these lands. HHT offers healing mind-body-spirit global adventures that awaken and enrich participant's understanding of this incredible planet. The retreats are active, varied, and spiked with surprises. Belly Dancers, Shamans, Opera singers, stone throwing seers, you never know who might show up at one of these happenings. If you want a dose of nature how about waterfall hikes in Costa Rica, kayaking in Moro Bay, diving into a natural spring in Ojai or hiking to the Gate of the Sun at Machu Picchu.

The journeys are also educational, with guided tours provided by study leaders and local authorities on prehistory, history, natural history and science, spirituality, arts and culture. If there is a sacred site in the vicinity, expect to visit it; and if so-moved, you'll be able to participate in ancient dances, rituals and ceremonies.

There's also time on your own scheduled into each journey. Retreat and replenish is also part of the Health Habitravels equation. Spa facilities, some rustic, some lusciously world class are included on most HHT journeys. Lodgings run the gamut, from the transcendent joy of camping under the stars, to remote retreat centers, to the convenience and comfort of the best hotels regionally available.

But one of the biggest rewards are the new friendships you'll forge between adventurous spirits who share your interests. Expect to return home with fond memories and lasting friends. A number of Health Habitravels travelers have been on at least 2 of this years events. They're spreading the word, signing on for upcoming adventures, and bringing along friends.

Desert Vibes is scheduled for October 15-18, 2004 in California's Morengo Valley. Tannis picked The Twenty Palms Inn as headquarters. The Inn's historic and unique adobes and cabins circle around Mora Oasis. The Inn is right by an entrance to amazing Joshua Tree National Park, famous for Joshua Trees and out of this world rock formations. Vibes' schedule includes daily yoga, Pilates and GYROKINESIS®, hikes, Saturday attendance at the 5th annual Didgeridoo Festival, stargazing with telescope toting Los Angeles Natural History Museum science expert, and a meditative “group sound bath” in Landers at The Integratron. The weekend, like all Health Habitravel's is reasonably priced, ranging from $390-$550. Since it's already September you'll want to reserve ASAP to save a space for what's going to be yet another fabulous Health Habitravels getaway.

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