Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why Herbal Products DonÂ’t Work

Why Herbal Products DonÂ’t Work

The growing alternative health industry continues to fail to meet consumer product expectations. Shorter product lifecycles, fueled by "pop" product ingredients, has created companies that produce less effective products.

(PRWEB) October 30, 2004

The alternative health industry fails to meet consumer product expectations.

The “wagging tail” syndrome continues to drive new trendy herbal products to the market place based on popularized herbal ingredients. Formulas containing the newest pop ingredients are frequently shelved, following a short product lifecycle, when consumers move on to new “in-the-news” pop products.

Market share continues to drive industry “copy cats” mimicking temporarily successful product formulas. The surge of similarly branded products, flood the market to capture a share of revenue before the market shifts.

Many herbal product formulators and manufacturers business is based on “gearing up” for short product lifecycles and promotion strategies. Businesses following consumer trends heavily influenced by the news media, continue to fuel new product surges within the alternative health industry.

Non-mainstream herbal product ingredients are frequently ignored or forgotten. Surprisingly, many herbs that are not commonly used within popular formulas are better ingredient choices. There are 100Â’s of herbs with well documented chemical composition and know activities that are more effective for physical conditions or ailments.

Medicinal Remedies, a herbal research and product development company, has researched 1000Â’s of herbs to determine the best herbal ingredient sources according to identified individual herb chemical properties and activities.

Product formulation is the second step following in depth herb research and analysis, according to Garren, founder of Medicinal Remedies. com. “Our products are grounded in scientific research, fully tested, and guaranteed effective,” says Garren.

The goal of Medicinal Remedies. com is to produce highly effective 100% pure botanical products that are designed to treat specific conditions or ailments. Medicinal Remedies does not market generic products for general conditions.

Medicinal remedies embraces the philosophy “effective herbal product ingredients, matched to specific consumer conditions will produce long-term product and brand longevity.”

For more information about Medicinal Remedies and their products go to: http://www. medicinalremedies. com (http://www. medicinalremedies. com) or call 1-866-203-2530.

Dan Garren, MSW

Founder, Medicinal Remedies. com