Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Altran Foundation for Innovation launches its yearly prize of 1 million Euro

Altran Foundation for Innovation launches its yearly prize of 1 million Euro

For its seventh edition of the 1 million Euro prize the theme is “TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AND EARLY CHILDHOOD” with the following sub-themes: Food, Health, Education and Development, and Security and Hygiene.

(PRWEB) September 29, 2002

The Altran Foundation for innovation was set up by the Altran Groupe in 1996 and has since then become one of the most renowned philanthropic prizes in Europe. The ALTRAN Foundation annual prize is aimed at research and development teams and individuals from businesses, schools and universities, public and private research organizations and associations.

The ALTRAN Foundation has launched a call for papers across Europe.

Who may apply?

· Companies

· Research laboratories, private and/or public

· Hospitals

· Schools and universities

· Associations, NGOÂ’s

· Individual candidates or groups of individual candidates

How to contribute?

The contribution and selection process is in two steps:

1. Request for application form

The application form is a 6-page document in which the candidate give a short description of the project. The document is available in two languages: French and English. Candidates can optain the application form via the Altran Foundation web site: http://www. fondation-altran. org (http://www. fondation-altran. org)
2. Subission the application form

The candidate submits the proposal.


Final date for request for application form: December 6, 2002

Final date for submitting application form: December 13, 2002

Short-listing of candidates: March 21, 2003

Final application deadline: April 18, 2003

Oral presentation of retained proposals: May 23, 2003

Awards ceremons: June 2003

Selection Criteria

The candidates must prove the innovating characteristics of their project, whether that be in the technology used or, if this is already known, the application which is employed. They must also show the projectÂ’s technical, economic and social feasibility in the short, medium and long term as well as its undeniable utility.

The ALTRAN Foundation prize is the expertise sponsorship of one or several projects for up to three winners, which equals one million Euros. This original type of sponsorship takes the form of personal assistance for a period of one year and involves ALTRAN's European consultants and managers. The assistance can be purely technical for development reasons or it can be the administrative help of setting up an actual company.

The main novelty value of the ALTRAN Foundation prize is the technological advice that is provided for one year. The first thing a group of researchers has to do is overcome certain hurdles, in particular those which require an external view of the market. Thanks to its proven expertise, together with specialized skills in marketing as well as technical and commercial fields, ALTRAN can help the winners to achieve their projects.

Altran – the company

Altran was founded in France 1982 and has since grown to be one of the biggest consultancies in the world with more than 130 subsidiaries and 15,000 consultants working together in a network. Altran's fundamental strength is breadth - breadth of technologies and sectors, plus geographical reach. This gives Altran the advantage of cross-sector know-how, breaking down barriers and favouring fruitful transfers to create new value for clients. In less than 20 years, Altran's capacity to provide state-of-the-art solutions across the board has made it a worldwide benchmark in technology consulting for innovation. Altran spans all areas of technology and science, from IT to e-business, physical sciences and microelectronics, through its subsidiaries providing services to a host of industries including aerospace, automotive and communications.

Altran's broad scope makes it a key contributor to developments shaping our daily lives and thus our future."