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New "Miracle Cure" Hair Loss Treatment Announces FDA Approval

New "Miracle Cure" Hair Loss Treatment Announces FDA Approval

The recent FDA approval of Provillus, has made the herbal remedy the most talked about hair loss treatment on the market; but is it working for everyone?

Fullerton, CA (PRWEB) November 11, 2007

With the recent FDA approval of Provillus, the herbal remedy has skyrocketed in popularity, quickly becoming the most talked about hair loss treatment on the market. Referred to by some as a "miracle cure," Provillus has been proven to not only prevent hair loss, but also stimulate the "re-growth" of natural hair.

Greg Spencer states, "Provillus is the only hair loss treatment I've ever used that has not only worked, but completely exceeded my expectations." Greg has been using Provillus for over six months and has experienced a significant increase in new hair growth. "I have been blown away by the results. In just six months, I have a full head of hair again. It is nothing short of amazing."

To view photos of Greg's results visit:
Http://www.1800perfecthealth. com/product/overview/Provillus_For_Men/ (http://www.1800perfecthealth. com/product/overview/Provillus_For_Men/)

With hair loss being a sensitive issue to many men in today's society, many are searching for that elusive 'miracle cure' that can not only prevent the early stages of Male Pattern Baldness, but also re-grow their natural hair. Recently, medical science has finally identified the main cause of hair loss. It is now a known medical fact that hair loss stems from not just genetics, but hormonal causes. Androgenetic Alopecia or "male pattern baldness" as it is more commonly known, is implicated in 95% of hair loss cases and is caused by a hormonal byproduct called DHT.

DHT (dihydrotestostrone), is a natural hormone present in men that is the cause of hair loss. The hormone is developmentally important in the early years of a man's life, however it has been proven to bind hair follicles, retarding their growth and cutting off their blood supply. The higher the level of DHT present in the body, the more hair loss that occurs. Provillus was designed not only to block DHT, but also supply the proper nutrients to the body specifically tailored to prevent hair loss, and help re-grow your natural hair.

The question still remains; can it work for everyone?

"I've recommended Provillus to several of my male friends, and each one of them is ecstatic with their results," says Greg Spencer. "I will continue to recommend Provillus to anyone who is searching for an affordable, natural remedy for hair loss."

While no hair loss treatment can claim to be 100% effective, the makers of Provillus back up their product by offering a six-month, 100% money back guarantee from the original purchase date; to anyone who does not achieve their desired results.

For more information about Provillus visit: http://www.1800PerfectHealth. com (http://www.1800PerfectHealth. com)