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Seniors in Medicare D Wise to Reconsider Prescription Options

Seniors in Medicare D Wise to Reconsider Prescription Options

Changes to the Medicare D Prescription Program in 2007 may significantly increase out-of-pocket costs for beneficiaries. With an end to the seizure campaign by U. S. Customs, American seniors once again turn to licensed Canadian pharmacies for safe, affordable medications and savings superior to Medicare.

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) December 4, 2006

With the enrollment period for 2007 Medicare D prescription program underway, American seniors are being urged to re-assess their drug plans because of new changes that could dramatically increase enrollment costs. Many providers have revised the drugs that are covered under plan formularies and most have increased the monthly premiums, some by as much as three-fold. Although the increase to premiums averages 13% nationally, coverage for branded drugs in the "Donut Hole" or coverage gap has skyrocketed in most states with no availability whatsoever in 13 states.1

Faced with having to pay exorbitant premiums or 100% of medication costs in the Doughnut Hole, American seniors are turning to online Canadian pharmacies like ADV-Care (www. ADV-Care. com or www. PharmacyOnTheNet. com) for price relief.

"Our pharmacy is being inundated with calls from American seniors reporting that their Medicare annual costs will increase by at least three to four hundred dollars in 2007 with some expecting to see their costs increase by more than a thousand dollars," says Ramy Attalla, Director of Communications for ADV-Care Pharmacy. "Beneficiaries that had brand coverage in the gap in 2006 are now facing huge premium increases that are simply unaffordable."

Seven states in the Upper Midwest (Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North

Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming) will see the largest percent increase, with

Monthly premiums for these plans increasing by 185 percent. Overall, their

Premiums will shoot up from $38.70 in 2006 to $110.30 in 2007. New Jersey and Missouri will see premium increases of 180 and 111 percent respectively for plans with meaningful coverage in the doughnut hole.1

To further add insult to injury, some seniors may be forced to incur a 7% late enrollment penalty if they did not enroll when originally eligible. Annual deductibles have also increased to $265 in 2007 from $ 250 in 2006 (when applicable) including a widening of the doughnut hole that will require patients to pay $3,850 out-of-pocket before gaining catastrophic coverage, as opposed to $3,600 in 2006.

"The bottom line in 2007 is that enrollment costs are going up substantially, drug coverage is declining and the brand name coverage in the doughnut hole is being eliminated," says David MacKay, and international pharmacy expert and consultant. "Medicare D is an insurance program, not a benefit. As consumption increases, so too will cost. The changes in 2007 clearly demonstrate the limitations of the program.

"Therefore, seniors are wise to re-evaluate their plans and consider online Canadian pharmacies especially since Customs seizures are no longer an issue."

Many Canadian pharmacies, like ADV-Care (www. ADV-Care. com or www. PharmacyOnTheNet. com), have established international operations and can offer a variety of approved medications from several countries often at savings superior to Medicare D. But more importantly, American seniors may find it advantageous to take advantage of both options simultaneously by ordering from a Canadian pharmacy whenever their Medicare plan requires paying full price for medications.

"Many patients order from our online pharmacy when their drugs are not covered by their plan or when they enter the doughnut hole, knowing they will never spend through it," adds Attalla. "Taking advantage of imported medications when Medicare slackens is smart and easy - something more seniors will be discovering next year for sure."

ADV-Care Pharmacy (www. ADV-Care. com or www. PharmacyOnTheNet. com) is licensed by the Ontario College of Pharmacists (Accreditation # 38132) and has been safely dispensing medications to Canadian & U. S. residents for six years. All Canadian medications are Health Canada approved and are dispensed by licensed pharmacists.

1 FamiliesUSA Special Report, Nov. 2006 - Coverage Through the "Doughnut Hole" Grows Scarcer in 2007 (see attached)

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