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Microwaves Corporation Introduces a Revolutionary New Method for Styling Hair

Microwaves Corporation Introduces a Revolutionary New Method for Styling Hair

The new Microwaves® Steam and Style® Heat Cap quickly and gently creates results rivaling those of curling irons and heat rollers, using conventional curlers, without damaging the hair

Beltsville, MD (PRWEB) February 8, 2010

The world of hair styling is about to change as Microwaves Corporation introduces the revolutionary new Microwaves® Steam and Style® Heat Cap (http://www. steamandstyle. com/). What at first glance appears to be a simple cotton cap, on closer inspection turns out to be a powerful tool that has the potential to reshape the entire hair styling industry.

The Microwaves® Heat Cap (http://www. heatcap. com/) provides a completely new method for rapid hair styling, creating incredible results in minutes, without damaging hair. The heat cap is warmed in a microwave oven, and placed over hair that has been set dry on any kind of standard curlers. The warm steamy air inside of the heat cap quickly and gently shapes the hair on the curlers, creating an unlimited variety of results ranging from smooth body styles to tight spiral curls (http://www. steamandstyle. com/). Until now, rapid hair curling, and hair damage went hand in hand. The heat cap changes everything, by providing unprecedented speed and versatility, without the damage.

"It’s absolutely revolutionary (http://www. heatcap. com/)," said French Superstylist Gabriel DeBakey of Salon Jean Paul of Washington D. C. Gabriel trained for years under the renowned Alexandre de Paris in Paris, and now his clientele regularly include royalty, first ladies, and Hollywood stars. His exceptional talent and experience has made him a trusted stylist for personalities such as Crownprincess Victoria of Sweden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and 80's icon Kelly LeBrock.

"The heat cap allows me to quickly create advanced styles that would normally have taken over an hour," said Gabriel. "When I use the heat cap, I set the hair clean and dry. I cover the curlers with the heat cap for only about 2 or 3 minutes, and I’m ready to style. This is much faster and more comfortable than requiring my clientele to sit for 30 to 40 minutes under a hair dryer. The heat cap also allows greater flexibility, since I can now use any kind of standard curlers to curl hair in minutes."

Along with being versatile (http://www. heatcap. com/), the heat cap is also extremely quick and simple to use. First, the hair is set dry on any kind of conventional curlers. The heat cap is warmed in a microwave oven for a minute and a half, and then placed over the hair on the curlers for 2 to 3 minutes. The warm, steamy air generated by the microwave inside the heat cap, quickly and gently forms hair to the shape of the curlers. Heat cap is then removed, and the hair is allowed to cool for 2 to 3 minutes before unrolling. This cooling locks in curls and waves similar to those you would get by setting your hair damp, and sitting under a hair dryer for about a half hour, or sleeping in curlers overnight. With the heat cap, the hair is set dry, so these results can now be achieved in minutes. While curling irons work well for basic touch ups, it can be very time consuming to create a full style, since each curl must be held individually while the hair is heated. With the heat cap, all of the hair on the curlers is warmed at once, resulting in beautiful hair in a fraction of the time.

"The heat cap is made of several different layers of fabric, with an all natural dry filling quilted inside. The natural filling absorbs moisture from the air. When the heat cap is warmed in a microwave oven, a small amount of the trapped moisture is released, creating a warm, slightly steamy environment inside the heat cap", explained Carol Graves (http://www. steamandstyle. com/), inventor of the heat cap. "Much in the same way that dry white rice is used in salt shakers in many restaurants to absorb excess moisture. It's that simple."

This revolutionary steaming process provides all the results, with none of the pain or damage. Good Housekeeping Institute Laboratories tested the cap and gave it rave reviews (http://www. steamandstyle. com/). "Our chemist found damaged ends on swatches curled with the iron and the rollers, but not with the Heat Cap", stated the report.

Since the heat cap surrounds the hair on the curlers with warm, steamy air, it does not require scorching high temperatures and is not hot. Also, since the warm, steamy air completely surrounds the hair on the curlers, the heat cap can curl hair from the root to the tip, not just the ends. This process keeps hair healthier and fuller for years longer than conventional curling methods.

"I was shocked by how painless curling my hair could actually be", said Serena Chen, senior at the University of Maryland. "I've become so accustomed to curling iron burns, and hot, dry skin. I never imagined I'd actually enjoy getting ready...while the heat cap is on I'm free to move around, put on my makeup, and get ready to go. It's that easy"

The Microwaves® Steam and Style® Heat Cap is currently sold over the internet http://www. steamandstyle. com (http://www. steamandstyle. com), or by phone from Microwaves Corporation. (301) 864-6573.