Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Medicinal Secrets of Hot Peppers Featured on New Website

Medicinal Secrets of Hot Peppers Featured on New Website

Recent medical discoveries show hot peppers can treat everything from sinusitis and headaches to herpes and indigestion. It’s all thanks to the natural chemical (capsaicin), that puts the “Hot” in hot peppers, and now there’s a website dedicated to the healing magic of capsaicin. Pepperhealth. com features unique pepper products, pepper links, and all kinds of information on those mystical natural heat generators including that miracle cayenne pepper weight loss drink,“The Master Cleanser”used by Paris Hilton and Robin Quivers.

Albany, NY (PRWEB) February 2, 2004

Hot peppers are hotter than ever, and we’re not talking “Scoville Heat Units” either. Hot pepper products are all the rage at health food stores across America, and there's even a new nasal spray made with (capsaicin) hot pepper extract that many people describe as a “miracle sinus & headache treatment”. Furthermore, the best over the counter arthritis pain relief creams all contain natural capsaicin.

This heat producing miracle extract can do a lot more than relieve sinus problems, headaches, and arthritis. Capsaicin is also being used to treat mouth sores, and several pharmaceutical companies plan to release capsaicin herpes creams that have been proven to be very effective. As if that weren't enough, capsaicin has also been clinically proven to control bleeding, and itÂ’s used to treat digestion problems.

Perhaps the most unique use of capsaicin is as a diet / weight loss aid. Capsaicin in one form or another is used in nearly every effective fat burner, and it’s the main ingredient in that miracle diet drink, “The Master Cleanser”. Many Hollywood stars swear by “The Master Cleanser” to clean out their systems, and balance their bodily functions. Used as a daily drink, this strange concoction of cayenne pepper powder, maple syrup, and lemon juice is proving to be a real boost for quick weight loss, and overall health.

Word is "Simple Life" star, Paris Hilton uses cycles of the Master Cleanser to stay toothpick thin. And Robin Quivers, famed sidekick on the Howard Stern Show, has lost more than 75 pounds since she started drinking the Master Cleanser.

In fact, Quivers credits the capsaicin beverage with saving her life. She had spent 20 years doing the “yo-yo diet” thing, and by her mid-forties, Robin was suffering from many health problems. Since she started using the cayenne pepper drink, Quivers claims all her health problems have completely disappeared. Now she has more energy than ever, and exercises everyday.

Aside from the obvious health benefits, many people crave the spice of hot peppers in food. In fact, capsaicin makes your body release natural endorphins that give pepper eaters a burst of energy. Hot chicken wing lovers almost get high on their buffalo wings eating as many as 20 at one sitting.

Hot sauces are also “hot sellers” throughout America with lots of celebrities getting into the hot sauce business. Even Joe Perry from the famed rock group, Aerosmith, has his own brand of hot sauce. In fact, Perry was recently featured on the cover of Fiery Foods Magazine. That’s right, there’s even a magazine dedicated to the magic and mystique of nature’s burning hot delights, and now there’s a new website with all the poop on everything pepper at (www. pepperhealth. com).

“It’s a work in progress, but we aim to become the main clearinghouse for the latest information on medical breakthroughs using capsaicin. Hot peppers have been used for thousands of years to cure a variety of conditions. Even the Mayans used pepper extracts to treat respiratory problems. It’s funny how they knew this thousands of years ago because I know of several clinical trials going on today using capsaicin to treat asthma and other respiratory conditions just like the Mayans did. There’s also a new nasal spray made with capsaicin, and I’m hearing great things about it from doctors and patients. They say it stops a sinus headache in seconds. There was such a demand for it, we offered the manufacturer a chance to sell it on our site. We’re always looking for the latest pepper products, and we’re also interested in reviewing freelance articles for possible publication on our site….so anybody out there who wants to write about peppers can email us with a query,” says Joyce Claire, the brains behind pepperhealth. com.

Whether you suffer from sinusitis, migraine headaches, allergies, skin conditions, arthritis, or you just want a good recipe for the weight loss master cleanser, (www. pepperhealth. com) is your “one stop pepper shop” on the web. Even if you’re just a hot pepper connoisseur, or a hot sauce junkie, this is one "HOT" website you’ve got to check out.

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