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Onsite Paging Saves Lives in Hospitals, PageRouter: Faster, better and more reliable healthcare

Onsite Paging Saves Lives in Hospitals, PageRouter: Faster, better and more reliable healthcare

To continue to deliver quality healthcare, St. Clair Hospital in Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania, sought to streamline its onsite-offsite paging integration.

MARKHAM, Ontario (PRWEB) April 17, 2008

 "Whether for medical emergencies or routine care, responding with the right treatment at the right time can save and sustain lives," says Gary Steiner, St. Clair Hospital's Telcom Administrator. "We wanted to minimize the time patients or staff spent waiting for help or input from others."

St. Clair Hospital turned to the PageRouter Text Messaging Management System, by Canamex Communications, a leading manufacturer of healthcare messaging solutions. Steiner appreciates the way their advanced messaging management technology is able to integrate communication among a full-range of sources and destinations from nurse call stations and patient monitoring equipment, to local onsite pagers, commercial pagers, PDAs, wireless phones, cell phones, email addresses, and two-way radios.

"With the PageRouter system it just takes two seconds from the time the patient pulls the nurse call until the attending nurse's pager is ringing and explanatory text is supplied," says Steiner. "The nurse knows not only which patient pulled the cord, but also in which area of the patient's room it was pulled whether lavatory, bedside, or emergency call."

According to Steiner, the system supplies a patient response safety net, which has freed up departmental secretaries to do their work and allowed nurses to respond much faster to patients' needs.

It is in emergency situations, however, that Steiner feels the advanced PageRouter system may be most useful. "From any phone, staff can dial a three-digit pager number, a callback number, and select a prepared message to send individuals or an emergency response team," says Steiner. "The right individuals or teams are automatically paged in seconds whether they're onsite or offsite."

"By getting both critical and routine information to the right people as soon as it's available, the paging management system allows us to focus on effective patient care," says Steiner. "It's a simple, cost-effective way to help medical professionals take care of patients better and faster by removing communicative and administrative bottlenecks."

Canamex Communications Corporation is the developer of the PageRouter Paging Management System and QUIKPAGER Wireless product line. QUIKPAGER can be found in nearly 40% of hospitals in the United States. Contact Canamex at 888-387-4205 for a demonstration, visit them at www. canamexcom. com or write to 200 Riviera Drive, Markham, Ontario, L34 5M1, Canada.

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