Saturday, March 27, 2004

AHA Skin Care System, MD Forte, Found at <a href="http://www. bestpriceskincare. com" onclick="linkClick(this. href)">www. bestpriceskincare. com</a&gt

AHA Skin Care System, MD Forte, Found at www. bestpriceskincare. com

Best Price Skin Care carries MD Forte, an AHA skin care system, is a top skin care line created by Allergan that uses the science of alpha-hydroxy acids to fight the concerns of aging.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 3, 2005

MD Forte is an AHA skin care system aiding in anti-aging using alpha-hydroxy acid to neutralize the pH of your skin. Using a combination of gylcolic acid and the process of partial neutralization, MD Forte has created products with a higher amount of glycolic acid (This is because its small molecular size means more active molecules of glycolic acid are available in a given concentration) plus a neutral pH to help minimize irritation. While there is more glycolic acid in a given concentration, there is still a low amount enough that there is minimal irritation to the skin. This is accomplished by using that partial neutralizaion(pH like normal skin). There are plenty of products for not only normal to dry to oily skin but for sensitive skin as well.

AHAs also limit dehydration in the skin, thereby improving the skin's moisture-binding ability. Skin that retains more water becomes smoother and younger-looking, and diminishes the effects of sun damage. AHAs also exfolitate leaving the skin looking and feeling younger and more refreshed.

This is why MD Forte is exciting to learn more about! It is an advanced skin care effective and benefitial in fighting against lines, wrinkles, and dry skin.

"I am excited to see a product so advanced in improving overall skin health like MD Forte! I often suggest to clients looking for a non-procedure solution to helping their skin look younger and radiant."

-DermSpa Laser Clinic Owner C. Fretheim

"MD Forte is is great for my combination skin. I tend to break out easily in my t-zone, while the rest of my face looks clear, but my pores are large. I love that my skin is left feeling so much more refreshed and feeling much smoother."

M. Wortel

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