Wednesday, April 28, 2004

New Risk Analysis Software Helps Insurance Companies Protect the Environment

New Risk Analysis Software Helps Insurance Companies Protect the Environment

A new Internet based software solution enables insurance companies to save money, time and reduce environmental damage caused by home oil tank spills. Tank Track is a unique risk-based software tool created to help highlight potentially weak, improperly installed, or near failing home oil tanks before they fail.

(PRWEB) August 27, 2004

Statistics have shown that for every 1000 oil storage systems regardless of age, over 80 have installation flaws and upwards of 10 are at the initial stages of failure (most rejected units are under 10 years of age). Because Tank Track analyzes specific home oil tank installation and environment details, tanks that are at risk for early failure are identified, allowing them to be removed from service.

Tank Track is the only risk analysis solution for home oil tanks on the market today. Officially launched early in 2004 Tank Track has repeatedly proven itself to save insurance companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. By identifying high risk tanks before they fail Tank Track helps protect the environment at the same time.

Based on BasebridgeÂ’s Anywhere Anytime technology Insurance field inspectors, consultants and managers across the country can have secure access to centralized data, reports and the current status for any item being tracked by the system. All without the need to install or support complicated enterprise network software.

Basebridge Limted is a leader in providing advanced solutions for inspection automation and products that help protect the environment since 2000. http://www. basebridge. com (http://www. basebridge. com) or http://www. tankhealth. com (http://www. tankhealth. com).

Interested companies can contact Basebridge Ltd. directly via telephone at (902) 835-9862, via email at brian@basebridge. com or http://www. tankhealth. com/insurance. htm (http://www. tankhealth. com/insurance. htm) for additional information