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Charting the Future of the Asia-Pacific Spa Industry Leadership Forum in Bali

Charting the Future of the Asia-Pacific Spa Industry Leadership Forum in Bali

Asia-Pacific Spa & Wellness Council (APSWC) marks its first anniversary with an Invitation Only Strategic Planning Forum to actively promote the Spa & Hospitality Industry. Leaders from luxury resorts and prestigious companies will participate in March 9 - 10, 2007.

Bali, Indonesia (PRWEB) June 23, 2006

As the Asia-Pacific Spa & Wellness Council (APSWC) marks its first anniversary, "we have been greatly encouraged by the interest we have received from industry and the media", says Samantha Foster, Chairperson of the amount of recognition and support received thus far. "We're now seeking to take regional cooperation to the next level".

APSWC council members who represent 18 countries in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East will form the back bone of the leadership forum. Senior management of large companies that influence the industry through their regional presence, individuals or companies that lead the industry through innovation and fresh approaches. Some of the hand picked invited industry leaders including Dieter Buchner (MSPA), Carina Chatlani (Body Bistro/APSWC Media Relations), Donald Cha (Nepal Spa Assn), Mary Darling (Bali Spa Assn/APSWC Vice Chair), Samantha Foster (Chivasom Resort/APSWC Chair), Vanessa Gay (ASPA), Brian Hathaway (Four Seasons Resorts), Norman Jones (Sensara), Julie & Stu Garrow (Intelligent Spas), Andrew Gibson (Raison d'Etre), Jacqueline Le Sueur, Michael Loh (Spa Asia Magazine), Sheila McCann (Spa Botanica), Joy Menzies (Chivasom Resort), Kate O'brien, Rhett Pickering (Marriott International), Susan Stein (Jari Manari), Judith White (Judith White Organics), Sue Yoon (Korea Spa Assn).

Media are invited to work together to actively develop a long term vision and plan for the industry. Our aim is to proactively position the robust Asia-Pacific spa & wellness industry in the global environment.


The inaugural meeting of the Asia-Pacific Spa & Wellness Council (APSWC) convened at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit in Bangkok, Thailand on May 2, 2006. Delegates representing Australia, Bali /Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand attended and presented updates on the status on the growth of this Industry within their respective countries.

Representatives from ISPA (International Spa Association), including Chairman Kate Mearns and President Lynne McNees, Becky Brooks, and Sharilyn Abbajay, participated in an interactive discussion expressing bilateral support and a willingness to assist in various ways. Intelligent Spas' Julie & Stu Garrow were also included with a view to providing the Asia-Pacific region with much-needed reputable, reliable, and confidential market research data from surveys supplied to regional Asian countries. They are also able to gather reliable data to further assist this Council in their efforts to identify and recommend appropriate standards, implement a streamlined code of ethics and best practices to be adopted throughout the region.

The meeting was an important first step on the road to improved, consistent professionalism within the industry. In addition to gathering and communicating market information and resources, some of APSWC's planned activities for the region include: identifying and recommending appropriate standards, Training Resources, and Performance Benchmarks and establishing a Code and Best Practices Format to be adopted throughout the region. It's important that local representation becomes a focus while looking at the region guides in it's entirety including a range of topics relevant to Asia-Pacific countries.

The aim is to have an effect at the grass roots level, and yet it is difficult for any one regional organization to meet the specific needs of every country. Therefore the Council will act behind the scenes - establishing, guiding and supporting national associations so that they can provide maximum benefit to their members. Council members are already actively seeking to establish national associations in HK/China, Korea, the Maldives, Nepal, New Zealand and Vietnam.

"The desired objective is to enhance collaboration, professionalism and growth of spa and related industries through the sharing of knowledge and resources", reveals APSWC Chairperson, Samantha Foster. "Our mission is to act as a bridging mechanism between countries to promote, protect, educate and develop the industry in the Asia Pacific region."

Even the more established and experienced associations will have something to gain, as the Council network may create opportunities for trade, training and other resources, and assist in overcoming some of the cultural barriers. "Most spas join an association because of the resources that it can provide, however, cost can be prohibitive in the Asia Pacific area, therefore we need to look at what is applicable and cater to this region specifically", advises APSWC Vice Chairperson, Mary Darling.

APSWC is a highly active, non-profit working group run by volunteers. Currently the group has representatives from 14 countries, all of whom are experienced industry professionals with a vision to improve, develop and protect their local industry. Although initial participation has come from spa associations, the Council also welcomes associations from related industries, including holistic therapies, health/medical, fitness and beauty. The aim is to create a united network that understands and meets consumer's total health and wellness needs.

The Council is developing strong partnerships with like-minded industry leaders, and plans to use this united voice to educate consumers, regulators and industry professionals, and thereby create positive force for change. The Council will operate as a group of interested parties and will actively seek input and guidance throughout the Industry at all levels while working on various assignments


APSWC Officers: Samantha Foster (Chairperson), Mary Darling (Vice Chair), Apichai Jearadisak (Treasurer), Carina Chatlani (Media Relations).

Communication: http://spawellnesscouncil. com/ (http://spawellnesscouncil. com/)

Next Meeting: Tuesday, August 22nd in Thailand.

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