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Company Mixes Old World Philosophy and Modern Technology to Produce More Healthy Beef

Company Mixes Old World Philosophy and Modern Technology to Produce More Healthy Beef

In August, E. Coli outbreaks were reported in Hawaii and Washington State. To protect its customers, Great West Cattle Company takes extra measures to assure that its beef is safe and healthy.

(PRWEB) September 7, 2005

American consumers are making healthier choices when it comes to beef, but choosing an organic product is not necessarily enough. E. coli contamination has been present in the industrialized, commercial processing of beef and recent outbreaks have occurred in Hawaii and Washington State. ThatÂ’s why Great West Cattle Company has mixed raising cattle the old fashioned way, naturally, with todayÂ’s technology to produce safe, great-tasting steak and hamburger.

All Great West Cattle Company beef is processed at G & C Meat Packing Company in Colorado Springs, Colo., utilizing a patented Rinse & Chill™ process that reduces harmful bacteria in ground beef, according to tests sponsored by AURI and the Minnesota Beef Council.

"Consistent food safety, quality and tenderness are our primary concerns, and the Rinse & Chill™ process addresses these issues for us," says Great West Cattle Company founder Jon Cordonier.

The process, commercialized by Meat Processing Services Corporation of St. Paul, Minn., cleans and cools beef carcasses by flushing the circulatory system with a cold solution of water, sugar and salt. A university study found that Rinse & Chill™ reduces 99 percent of coliform contamination, lowers cholesterol and improves meat tenderness, color and shelf life. Those findings were confirmed by a second, larger set of trials, performed by AURI's Marshall Meat lab and the University of Minnesota.

Fine chefs of Colorado agree, Great West Cattle Company beef is superior in quality, consistency and taste. Scott Savage, Executive Chef of the well known and highly acclaimed Cliff House Inn says, "Great West Cattle Company beef is a phenomenal product. Our customers expect exceptional flavor and tenderness every time, and with Great West we get that."

When Cordonier, founder of Great West Cattle Company, envisioned a premium beef company delivering the finest quality product anywhere, he decided to make an investment in his future customers that few companies are willing to make. Shortcuts are never taken and old world traditions are followed with no compromise.

Great West follows a beef recipe for success: Heritage Highland cattle are naturally raised, grain finished, processed with the latest technology and then dry aged for taste and tenderness. Customers can order online at www. greatwestcattle. com and have five-star restaurant quality beef delivered directly to their door.


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