Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Unicare & TxInsurance. com Offer National PPO Health Insurance Access

Unicare & TxInsurance. com Offer National PPO Health Insurance Access

Unicare & TxInsurance. com offer national access on PPO Health Insurance Plans

(PRWEB) April 26, 2005

Unicare is represented in Texas, Illinois, and Virginia by national award winning agent Joseph P. Stevens or TxInsurance. com - offering no application fee on all health insurance applications and free rapid processing.

UniCare realizes that a successful health plan starts with providing choices. For years, our networks have done just that, giving members extensive choice from a roster of qualified physicians, hospitals and other health care providers. UniCare's commitment to quality health care benefits, broad choice and superior customer service has led us to develop one integrated nationwide network—UniCare's platinum network. Platinum allows our clients and members to benefit from our negotiated discount rates, while providing seamless access to network providers across the country.

UniCare's Platinum Network covers the United States, giving most members access to network providers virtually everywhere. This means Platinum members can take advantage of the highest level of benefits for covered services whether they are at home, on vacation, traveling on business or away at school. Platinum members can rest assured that whether they are in Dallas or Denver, Philadelphia or Phoenix, they have access to quality network providers and the highest benefit level for covered services.

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