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EDrugSearch. com Launches Social Network for Prescription Drug Consumers: Popular Search Engine Expands to Become a Health 2.0 Community for Americans Seeking Safe, Low-Cost Prescription Medications Online

EDrugSearch. com Launches Social Network for Prescription Drug Consumers: Popular Search Engine Expands to Become a Health 2.0 Community for Americans Seeking Safe, Low-Cost Prescription Medications Online

EDrugSearch. com, the trusted search engine for Americans seeking medications from prescreened international pharmacies, has expanded its mission by unveiling the eDrugSearch. com Community, a new social network for prescription drug consumers.

SAN ANTONIO (PRWEB) February 27, 2008

 "U. S. consumers who want access to prescription drugs at fair, affordable prices have long had the odds stacked against them," said Cary Byrd, president and founder of eDrugSearch. com. "We started eDrugSearch. com to level the playing field, giving consumers a safe way to find low-cost prescription drugs online from Canadian and other non-U. S. pharmacies.

"Now, by creating the eDrugSearch. com Community, we are moving beyond specialized search to enable our members to share information about their experiences, both with online prescriptions and online pharmacies. Our Health 2.0 community will empower members to make better decisions for themselves and for their families."

Members of the eDrugSearch. com Community are able to:

-- Rate and review pharmacies. Members can rate and contribute candid reviews of participating pharmacies, providing firsthand accounts of their experiences.

-- Rate and review drugs. Members can share their experiences with specific medications, sharing information on efficacy, side effects and value.

-- Track medications. Members can monitor the latest news, member comments, and price changes for the medications they take regularly.

-- Make friends and join groups. Members can add to their knowledge of specific conditions and medications by forming interest groups and adding friends.

-- Ask the community. Members can ask questions of the community and rate the answers received.

-- Earn drug discounts. By participating in the eDrugSearch. com Community, members earn points that soon will be redeemable for drug discounts at participating pharmacies.

Prescription Drugs and the Health 2.0 Opportunity

Prescription drug consumers have shown significant interest in social networks on general health sites, indicating an unmet demand for a niche community, according to Byrd.

"Drug consumers relish the opportunity to share their experiences -- and often their frustrations -- with one another," Byrd said. "These individuals are turning to each other, and other data points on the Web, rather than simply relying on pharmaceutical company advertising for their information."

Byrd added: "Health 2.0 is all about empowerment and making more informed decisions. The eDrugSearch. com Community will help our members to make choices that save them money, and keep them safe, when buying drugs online."

The eDrugSearch. com Story

eDrugSearch. com launched in January 2007 as a specialized search engine for Americans interested in purchasing safe, low-cost prescription drugs from prescreened international pharmacies. With more than 50,000 drug listings, eDrugSearch. com brings together licensed and accredited pharmacies from around the world in one comprehensive, easy-to-use database.

More than 65 million Americans - nearly one-fourth of the U. S. population, including millions of seniors - live without prescription drug insurance today. While many are interested in Canadian or other international pharmacies as a means of saving money on their prescriptions, they are often concerned about whether they can trust the quality and safety of prescription drugs online.

eDrugSearch. com addresses these concerns by only accepting a Canadian pharmacy or other international pharmacy in its database upon completion of a rigorous prescreening process - including establishing proof of home-country government licensing and third-party accreditations.

In addition to its emphasis on safety, eDrugSearch. com offers up-to-the-minute price search, detailed drug information, and other features that make it the most advanced search engine for online prescription medication shoppers. eDrugSearch. com's search features enable members to identify pharmacies with specific licensing requirements, third-party accreditations, Better Business Bureau memberships, and more.

Consumers can register for a free membership with eDrugSearch. com at the following url: www. edrugsearch. com/register (http://www. edrugsearch. com/register).

About eDrugSearch. com

Based in San Antonio, eDrugSearch. com is the Health 2.0 community and search engine for U. S. consumers seeking prescription medications from prescreened Canadian and other international pharmacies. eDrugSearch. com's social network empowers members to rate and review pharmacies, share experiences with other members, and more. eDrugSearch. com president and founder Cary Byrd is an impassioned advocate for reform of U. S. prescription-drug law. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www. eDrugSearch. com or the eDrugSearch Blog at www. edrugsearch. com/edsblog (http://www. edrugsearch. com/edsblog).